The 5 essential rules for a healthy vagina every woman should know

All women should be worried about their vaginal health, but what does having a healthy vagina entail?The 5 essential rules for a healthy vagina every woman should know [Credit: Girl Talk HQ]The 5 essential rules for a healthy vagina every woman should know [Credit: Girl Talk HQ]

When it comes to looking after down there, there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about and keeping your vagina in top condition is crucial and something every woman should prioritise.

Even though age plays a factor, the vagina generally has an acidic pH, should contain high quantities of beneficial bacteria that help fend off infections, and is naturally lubricated. It is also important to note that a healthy vagina also secretes small amounts of discharge which means secreting anywhere from a teaspoon to tablespoon of of discharge per day. Discharge is a normal physiologic reaction and it’s essentially shedding of cervical and vaginal cells. Only start to worry if you’re producing too much discharge or if its accompanied by a foul odour or odd colour.

If your discharge is comes with discomfort, whether it’s pelvic discomfort or vulvar discomfort, itching, or burning, that’s a problem and that change needs to be evaluated by a health professional.

Even though you may not realise it, following a balanced, healthy diet with lots of fruit and drinking plenty of water are both key to vaginal and reproductive health. In fact, certain foods may be effective in treating vaginal health problems.

Yoghurt can potentially help prevent yeast infections and aid in their treatment. It’s rich in probiotics, especially plain Greek yogurt, so if a woman is prone to yeast infections, taking a probiotic that is rich in Lactobacilli, or eating plain Greek yogurt every day can be helpful. If you’re prone to urinary tract infections, it may be helpful to take a cranberry supplement daily.

Here are the 5 essential rules you need to follow for a healthy, happy, vagina!about:blank

1. Practice safe sex

Using condoms, be it male or female during sex helps to protect against sexually transmitted infections like HIV, genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, and chlamydia. Some of these, like HIV and genital herpes, have no cure. And others, such as the HPV virus are known to cause cancer.

You should change condoms when switching from oral or anal sex to vaginal sex, to prevent the mixing of harmful bacteria into the vagina. You should also avoid sharing sex toys with your partner because that’s another way of spreading STI’s.

2. Wear the right clothing

Your vagina should stay clean and dry and the material and clothes you wear can affect that. Certain types of fabrics and tight-fitting clothing create warm, moist conditions in which yeast thrive. When it comes to your underwear selection, your vagina has a preference: cotton. That’s why most undies come with a strip of cotton in the crotch so make sure you wear breathable cotton underwear and avoid thongs and nylon underwear. If you’re prone to yeast infections, change out of wet swimsuits and sweaty workout clothes as quickly as possible.

If you experience a lot of discharge and dampness during the day, take two pairs of underwear with you every day when you go to work or school, and change your underwear during the day. It’ll help you feel more comfortable and will help prevent infection.”

You can take it a step further by wearing no underwear at all when you’re just hanging around the house to let things air out.

3. Lube is your friend

Bringing out lube may seem like a mood dampener for some but trust us, your vagina will thank you for it. Vaginal dryness can impact you if you take certain medications like antihistamines, antidepressants, or hormonal birth control and it can lead to irritable and painful sex.

When this happens, make sure you’re communicating with your partner so they don’t start having sex before you’re well-lubricated, because it’s uncomfortable and can even lead to abrasions in the vagina.

4. Get tested regularly

No matter how much or little you are sexually active, it’s important to get tested as often as your doctor recommends based on your respective risk factors, even if you’re in a monogamous relationship. STIs are not always symptomatic, and you may not even realise you have one until it’s too late,

Testing and diagnosis will help you get rid of any symptoms and figure out a treatment plan with your medical practitioner. When left untreated, conditions like gonorrhea and chlamydia can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease which can lead to chronic pelvic pain and fertility issues.

5. Wash after sex

Before intercourse and after, it’s extremely important to make sure yours and your partner’s genital areas are washed and clean. Vaginas are prone to infection when they come in contact with other body fluids and skin. Therefor, you must wash the area and your fingers with plain water to keep bacteria in check.


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This story is based on our real life experiences and we thought after all these years why not share them with the world.I was driving home from a job site one day when I received a call from Jake. He said his wife was going out of town for the weekend, but he was going to stay around and wanted to know if my wife was available for more training all weekend. He told me that he lived in a nice area and had a great pool landscaped into his backyard for great weekend parties. The weather was supposed to be hot and sunny so wanted to invite us down for a pool party and to try work a little more training into my wife. We talked about the last time in the hotel and how we all enjoyed the night and he was really looking forward to another fun time all weekend not just a few hours, to use Tamara again as his sex slave.

I think we had plans for the weekend but the thought of watching her get used all weekend and fucked with a monster cock got me excited and so I figured I would cancel our plans and told Jake that we would be there. He then told me that there would be some straight friends there when we first arrive so he would not have Tamara totally naked, but he would want her to show up and wear what he tells her too. He also wanted us to pack, an over-night bag and we are to stay in one of his guest rooms Saturday night, this way he can use Tamara for a full twenty-four hours. Once the guests leave he said he wants to rent my wife and that he will give me $2,000 cash if I agree to that and he can use her anytime he feels and use her how he wants too, with of course Tamara’s hard limits to be enforced.

I told him that I would have to run it by her first just so she was a little aware of what was going on. Tamara and I talked and once I got home and settled in, about the weekend and she told me we had plans already but when I told her he was willing to pay a couple grand it sounded dirty and bad. She had second thought too, but soon we both agreed that we would go to Jake’s place and have fun. She was shocked that he wanted to pay her but also excited to think she going to be bad and act like a prostitute. I laughed a little. “Act??? You will be one. There is no acting involved. LOL.” Remember he wants full control and to use you how and when he feels, but he will respect your hard limits.

As we talked about this, we both got excited and ended up fucking our brains out. I called Jake back the next morning and told him we were in for sure and that we would be down this Saturday. That night Tamara got a text from Jake explaining what to wear when we arrive and how to act and once the guests leave that he will change from nice guy Jake to Sir Jake. She was not to forget to address him as Sir Jake once the others left.

Saturday came and we were both excited about the weekend and the weather was prefect. We arrived at his house around 11:00 am in the morning, just as the sun was just starting to get hot. It was a beautiful house with a large black fence and gate as you entered his driveway. As we pulled in, there was another car just arriving too. As we got out of the car we talked to the other couple, it turns out it was Jake’s wife’s sister and her husband, they were coming to the pool party to relax for a while and cool off. Tamara had on the collar that Jake had told her to wear, a white shirt, no bra, a pair of old jeans and some four-inch heels, she looked pretty sexy. Her husband could not take his eyes off my wife’s tits as we all walked to the front door.

Jake greeted us there and gave Tamara a big kiss right in front of us all. The other lady looked shocked and made some comment about knowing Jake for thirty years and never getting a kiss like that before and ten something about what if her sister saw that. Jake did not even respond but lead us to the backyard to the pool area. It was beautiful, a nice size pool and lots of great looking things and furniture, there were more people sitting there already. He pointed and told us that the change room was over there and if we wanted to change now then come back here to the bar for a drink, he would introduce us to the others.

Tamara and I went to change and put our swimsuits on, I think she was feeling a little excited as her nipples were pocking out through her shirt nicely. She removed her shirt and pulled down her pants, she then hooked her fingers into the side of her panties and started to slide them down her legs. She was excited as her panties were soaked and her pussy looked wet and shiny. She looked at me. “Well what do you think? Am I excited? “As she laughed a little. “Shit! “She said, I was told to wear a white bikini top but keep my white cotton panties on as the bottoms, so she reached into her bag and pulled out her top. There was not a lot of material on that and it did not cover up lots, but it sure did look sexy on her. She bent over to pull her wet panties back up just as Jake knocked on the door and opened it. “WOW your ass looks great you, fuckin slut or should I say you dirty bitch prostitute. Remember Jake for now but once they leave Sir Jake.” He then handed me an envelop with the cash in it. “Here is the rent money. Oh! and put this on her too.” As he handed me a leash. “Now come out for that drink.”

We walked out of the change room and everyone there looked at us but probably more at my wife as she looked hot. White bikini top, white panties, four-inch heels and her collar that Jake told her she had to wear and now with a leash attached to it which I held in my hand, who wouldn’t look. Lol. We followed Jake and he sat us with his sister in-law and asked what we wanted and off he went. They were there only for a couple hours just to say they stopped in and were sad Jake’s wife was not home. Not Jake, I thought to myself. They wondered how we knew Jake. I told them we were into cars and bikes too, so we have met at different shows once in a while. Then they asked about the collar and leash, jokingly I said it was a little role play we like to do and give others something to talk about. The laughed a little, yes you are probably right about that. Jake came back with our drinks and said that he was sorry that we couldn’t meet his wife this weekend as she had other things to attend to, and then introduced us the other people sitting around.

The sister in-law and her husband went to the pool and Tamara kicked my foot a little with Jake still standing there too. “I can’t believe how fast you came up with that story about meeting Jake at car shows.” Jake smiled and thought that was perfect.

The early afternoon was good we talked to others and enjoyed the pool and the drinks, then Jake told everyone that he had to go soon, so the party had to be shut down. Slowly the other all left and Tamara and I were the only ones there.

“Now let’s have some real fun!” Jake smiled and went to get us one more drink. He turned around halfway to the bar. “Oh! By the way Slut, take off that top! I want to see those nipples of yours when I come back.”

He went to the bar mixed us up a few drinks then went into the house and came out with a bag in his hand too. He walked back over to us and handed Tamara the bag. There are some things in there I want you to put on. Tamara reached into the bag and pulled out a pair of white six-inch heel shoes with long straps that look like they would wrap all the way up to her thighs. “Size eight if I remembered right.” He said. She then reached back in a pulled out a pink collar along with four pink leather restraints. “Now remove your shoes and put those on and I will help you put on the collar and cuffs.” As he pointed to the shoes.

Tamara stood up once she had the white shoes on and the straps did wrap around her legs all the way to her upper thighs, they did look pretty dam sexy. Jake instructed her to stand beside him and he secured the restraints to her ankles, wrists and replaced the collar she had on with this pink one. “You do look fuckin hot like that. Nice fuckin nipples and probably a wet cunt too.” He then took her hand and lead her to a pergola by the far corner of the pool. “I think you will like what I have in mind for you my Slut.” He opened the curtains that hung around the sides of it and there was a funny looking table in the middle of it.

Tamara stood there and looked at the table, while Jake fiddled with something in the corner. He went back to my wife and started to cover her body in oil or something. He sprayed her everywhere making her whole body shine brightly in the sun light. “Now I want you to lay down on the table, face down,” as he pulled a cover off it.

It was quite and funny looking table as it had three holes in it, one at the end and two a third of the way down, but also a large space in the middle and open at the other end. Maybe some kind of massage table was my though. Tamara slowly lay down on the table and Jake instructed her to place her tits in each of the two holes and now I know why the holes were in it and her face to the other hole at the end. She did this as she placed her legs onto the small sides of the open end, this leaving no table between her legs, so someone could get right to her ass and pussy, I guess.

My wife laid there with her tits hanging through the two holes. Jake grabbed one of her arms and pulled it down off the table and attached the cuff on her wrist to a ring at the bottom of the table leg and then did the same to the other arm. Next, he hooked both her ankles to rings that were at the end of the table by her feet. After that was done, he pulled a chain down from the top of the pergola and clipped it to the collar around Tamara’s neck. He turned a wooden ring, and this tightened the chain that was attached to her collar causing her head to tilt back and lift her face off the table. “There.” He said. “Now I have you totally helpless so you can’t move or do anything. I like you like that, and I’m sure so does your hubby.”

Jake then grabbed something from under the table and he told me to come over and we can watch her get milked like a cow. Tamara looked shocked as Jake turned on some kind of pump and she then felt Jake stick something to each one of her tits. Suction cups that look like you would use on a cow. They were clear glass looking things around two-inch round and six inches long and both had tubes on them that went into other tubes then into a glass jar. Tamara moaned as both cups got attached to her tits and you could she her tits get sucked right into the them. Her nipples grew about three times their size and then Jake pushed another button and the machine started to pulsate sucking hard then sucking softly. Within seconds her tits started to drip milk out of her nipples and into the cups and down the tubes. These was pretty cool to watch, and it looked like it sucked a lot harder than her breast pump, which made her tits lactate more.

Tamara laid there softly moaning while Jake took his shorts off and his huge cock hung there. Fuck I forgot how big his dick really was. He then walked behind my wife and with his hands ripped the white panties off her body. He looked at them and they were soaked with precum that was oozing out of her pussy already, he watched to the front of her told her to open her mouth and he stuck the wettest part of them into her mouth. “Keep them in your mouth and don’t let them fall out, even if you have to beg me to cum. Make sure you don’t drop them.”

Tamara nodded her head and tried to answer as best as she could. The jar with her milk was about a quarter full already and milk run quickly out of her nipples each time the machine sucked hard. Her pussy started to drip too so I knew she was enjoying the day so far. Jake then walked to the side of the table and pulled on a handle, this now lower Tamara legs so her feet hung lower then her body and the pulled another handle this spread the table so that Tamara’s legs were spreading wide open. Now her cunt and ass were totally exposed for anything. Jake then bent down and placed a vase between her feet and attached a large funnel to the top of that. “Now we will catch everything that flows out of your cunt, Slut and save that for something special.”

Again, Tamara looked shocked, what was he talking about, she must have thought. Jake went to a cabinet and came back to the table with a medium size butt plug with a funny end. He lubed the plug up with some slimy stuff and then inserted it into my wife’s ass. She moaned louder for a second then even more once Jake pushed a button on it and it started to vibrate. “We are going to leave you here while your hubby and I go for a drink. Oh! Don’t, go anywhere. LOL.” He pushed another button by the pergola and the roof opened allowing the sun light to hit Tamara’s body all over. We both walked back to the bar and talked about how it was going so far, and he gave me a heads up on what he had planned.

We stayed there for a while then walked back over to my wife who was now moaning louder and still had her wet panties in her mouth. Jake spoke to her. “Are you ok Slut?”

Tamara shock her head no and tried to speak, so Jake asked her to speak again. I think she said her tits and nipples few starting to hurt, and it looked like not much milk was flowing anymore. We looked down at the jar and it was full right to the top, holy that was a good quart of her breast milk he pumped out of her. Her nipples were huge and dark red you could see the rings from the cups leaving marks on her tits as Jake turned the machine off and unhooked her from it. “Good little Slut. You gave us lots of milk. Excellent.” Jake then looked at the vase and holy it had an inch of her cum in there too. “Oh. Slut you must like what is happening to you. I hope that is just pre cum running out of you as I did not tell you, that you could cum.”

“No.” Tamara shook her head.

“No, what? Cum or pre cum?” He asked. I think, she said pre cum, but it was hard to understand her with those panties still in her mouth. Jake walked over to her and pulled the panties from her mouth. “Now did you orgasm or not?”

“No, Sir Jake. I did not cum. I am waiting for you to say ok.” Tamara answered back.

Jake told her good and he then reached up and pulled the butt plug out of her ass. Tamara shrugged and moaned a little and said. “That almost just made me cum. Sir Jake. When you pulled that out.”

“Well if you liked that then you might like what I have in mind for you now.” As he stepped in between her legs.

As he got between her legs, I heard another voice from the bar area shout out to Jake. We looked over and it was Johnathan his brother in-law and two other guys, Mike and Dan that were at the pool party earlier too. I thought Jake was busted but turns out he had invited them back and told them to be back at five o’clock to have some fun with his rented slut. He stepped back out from between her legs and greeted the three guys. “Ok. She is all yours to fuck how you want, while Bill and I watch the show.”

Johnathan was the first one naked and stepped in front of my wife, he pushed his cock to her lips and slid it into her mouth. Dan and Mike now naked too as Dan got between my wife’s legs and in one quick thrust, he pushed his cock deep into her soaking wet pussy. Mike went and laid under the table and started sucking on Tamara’s tits and playing with her nipples. We heard moans coming from Tamara’s mouth, but they were muffled, as she sucked on a cock that was in there. Mike spoke out. “Fuck this is hot! Jake you were right her tits are fucking dripping out milk.” He then went back to sucking them. Tamara’s moaning was getting louder, so we knew she was close to cumming. Johnathan grunted and I guess shot his load into her mouth. He held her head tightly on his cock and Tamara gagged a little and tried to swallow as fast as she could but some cum run out of her lips onto the stone patio. She opened her mouth wider and started to cum herself as a large wad of cum ran out of her mouth. As my wife was having her first orgasm of the day, Dan let out a groan and looked like he was pumping her cunt full of semen, while Mike was still sucking milk from my wife’s tits.

Dan stepped back and Johnathan took his place and stuck his now hard cock into Tamara’s cunt and started to fuck her while. Tamara was still screaming as she was still cumming when Mike got up from under the table, stepped in front of Tamara and placed his cock between her cum covered lips. Now Tamara was getting the same action as before. It did not take long when Johnathan grunted again as he unloaded his second load into my wife’s cunt this time. He pulled out of her cunt and Mike with his hard cock now took over where Johnathan was and started to fuck her wet dripping pussy.

Cum was white and sticky all around her cunt and lots of cum started to drip into the funnel between her legs filling the vase more. Tamara moaned and grunted as the guys fucked her almost steady for an hour, filling her cunt and mouth several times. Tamara came a few times and her cunt was just dripping cum steady now too. Dan walked over to her and was going to fuck her ass when Jake spoke out and told him no that he wanted to be the first to fuck her ass, so they decided to undo the cuffs and change her position. The guys untied her, and she looked well used and tired as she sat up on the table. Then Jake said she should have a break drink some water and take a few minutes to rest. Jake went and got her a large glass of water and told her to drink it as the sun was hot and she was losing lots of body fluids as she cum quite a few times. He then picked up the jar with her breast milk in it and walked over to the bar.

Jake returned shortly and handed Tamara a milkshake. “I made it special for you. Try it let me know what you think.” Tamara drank about a third of it and said that it was good and nice and refreshing too. “Good. Glad you like it. Now drink some more and we will continue some fun.”

Jake and I sat back still and watched as the guys tied my wife to the table again but this time she was on her back and laying there with her tits pointing straight up. Two of them started to suck hard on her nipples and trying to suck out some milk and make her tits start lactating in the sun light, while one of them started to fuck her again. The guys all had average cocks so no real large object penetrated her wet pussy or mouth that bad, but they could cum a lot. Dan fucked her hard then yelled out to the guys watch out I want to cum all over the Slut’s body, pulled his dick out of her cunt and cum shot all stomach and tits. Next Mike stepped in and started to fuck her again, while Johnathan tilted my wife’s head sideways and stuck his cock into her mouth. Tamara started to cum again which must have sent the other two guys off as both of them started to cum too. Mike shot his load all over her tits and even hit her face a few times while Johnathan pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his load all over her hair.

Tamara lay there now with cum all over her as Jake stood up and asked if she liked that. “Yes.” She answered. “Yes. Sir Jake I did like that, but my hair will be a mess.” With both hands Jake started to rub the cum all over her body and tits. Now her whole body was shinny in the bright sun light. The three guys each took one last turn before going home to their wife’s and fucked Tamara once more and once again shooting cum all over her. Jake rubbed the cum all over her tits and even her hair again, as most of the old cum was drying out and getting hard. Her cunt was red and her nipples dark red, both looked sore as Jake asked her how she felt.

“A little tender and sore Sir Jake.” Was her reply.

“Well I have something for that,” and he went to the cabinet and grabbed a jar with powder and sprinkled a little on each nipple and then sprinkles some on her cunt. “Can you feel it working?”

Tamara answered back, “Yes, it feels like it’s numbing my pussy. Even my nipples are not that sore. Sir Jake. What was that stuff? Sir.”

“I can’t tell you just yet. So, do you want me to fuck you now? “as he stepped between her legs.

“I… I… think, so but my pussy feels funny Sir Jake. But I think you can.” She answered back.

“Good.” And with that he sprinkled a little powder on the head of his semi hard cock, and it got rock hard almost instantly. He sprinkled a little more powder on it and then with powder still on the head of his huge cock he pushed it all the way into her.

Tamara grunted like a wild animal as he penetrated her stretched out cunt. Her pussy lips red but looked like they wanted that monster cock in her as he started to fuck her deep and hard. She screamed each time his huge cock was pushed into her wet cunt and started to cum instantly. Jake yelled out. “Are you cumming?”

“Yes… Sir Jake. YES!!! Sorry but it just happened. I… I… Could not control it. Sir.” She yelled back.

“Ok. Sorry but you might owe me something for that.” Jake replied. “Now keep cumming. I want you to cum as long as I’m fucking you Slut.”

Tamara kept screaming and her legs shaking like crazy, so I know she was still cumming and having one hell of an orgasm. Screaming wildly the whole time Jake was fucking her. He then grabbed her nipples with both hands and squeezed them. Milk sprayed out and he squeezed them even harder and pulled them up high into the air. Her cunt was making all kinds of wet noises as she screamed even louder, and I thought she was going to rip the cuffs right off that table. Her legs and arms shaking like crazy trying to move but with no luck. Cum was squeezing out between her pussy lips and Jake’s huge cock but he kept fucking her and not slowing down.

This continued for probably another five minutes when Jake grunted and pulled his cock out of her cunt and shot his load all over her body. His cum covered her stomach, tits, face, and even her hair. I have never seen that much cum come out of a guy yet. Holy fuck my wife was completely covered, her pussy dripping out her own cum and flowing into that vase that was still there. Tamara was trying to catch her breath as Jake stepped away saying. “You are amazing you fuckin Slut. I love It.”

Tamara let out a thank you and I was told to untie her. We all went to the bar had a drink and then Jake made a call. Tamara sat there naked and had cum all over her, it was hot. Lol. About ten minutes later a guy came out of the house with a tray of food and a warm wet towel, he placed the food on the bar top and handed my wife the towel. Tamara and I both looked at Jake who shrugged his shoulders and told us that was his butler and does want ever I need.

As we all ate and drank, we all talked about the day, and if we both enjoyed it. Tamara asked him again what that powder was, but he would not tell her. He only said he would tell her tomorrow when we leave.

It was now about eleven o’clock and Jake showed us to the guest room and told where the bathroom was and if we need anything just push this button and someone will come and see what you need. He also told us to help ourselves to anything in the kitchen and that he would see us in the morning and off he went.

The room was big and beautiful and had lot of strange looking furniture in it. It had a great view of the pool area so if anyone was in there, they probably watched my wife get used as a slut. Tamara was looking out the window when I stepped behind her and fucked her from behind. It only took me a couple of minutes and I blew my load into her pussy, thinking about her getting fucked all day still had me excited. We washed up and got ready sleep.

It was around four in the morning when I heard my wife moaning and it sounded like she was about to have an orgasm. I thought holy she must be dreaming about her day and was going to cum while sleeping, that is pretty wild if she could. But when I opened my eyes, I saw that my wife was tied to a curved couch. She was laying with her head and body downward and her arms tied down over her head. Her feet up high, with ropes tied around her knees, spreading her legs wide open and Jake fucking her pussy. Her tits bounced back and forth each time Jake pushed his cock into her and she was about to cum.

Jake looked over towards me.” Sorry, for waking you, but I just couldn’t sleep, and I figured Tamara still owed me one for cumming earlier without my permission.”

“No problem.” I replied. “After all you rented her for the whole weekend. LOL.”

“Sir Jake. May I cum?” Tamara asked.

“NO! Not till I cum. I want you to cum at the same time I do. Got It!” Jake shouted back.

“But. Sir Jake you are going to make me cum anytime.” She moaned.

Jake shouted back again. “NO! DO NOT CUM! Or I will pull out of you now and you will be punished!”

He started to fuck her faster now and Tamara was trying her hardest not to cum as his huge cock was hammering away at her cunt. He stopped all of a sudden and pulled out, he grabbed a baggy beside him and sprinkled some white powder all over my wife’s wet cunt, he then powdered the head of his cock and jammed it right back into her waiting hole. She grunted like she was being killed and moaned out. “Fuck! My pussy feels so weird but so good. Sir Jake.”

He now fucked my wife as fast and hard as he could and the sounds the two of them made were crazy. Even her cunt sounded like it was talking each time Jake’s cock pushed in and out of her. They fucked for probably ten minutes more when Jake told her he was about to cum and that she should cum too.

Tamara tried to answer but her voice was to shaky as well as her legs. Jake still fucked her cunt for another minute or two when he told her. “NOW CUM!” He arched back and started to unload into her. Tamara too screamed and started to cum, just as Jake pulled out of her cunt and shot the rest of his load all over her tits, face, and hair. He stepped away from her and started to untie the ropes which held her in place. “Thank you.” And he then walked out of the room only to stick his head back in a second later.” Oh, by the way, do not wash my, cum off you and don’t worry about the sheets. When you come down for breakfast, I want to see my cum still on you.”

Tamara crawled back into bed and it was my turn to fuck her cum soaked pussy now. Once again it did not take me long and I blew my load into her cunt too and off to sleep we went. We woke up around eight am and went down to the kitchen. Tamara wore a small sundress and some flat shoes. Jake was there already cooking us up a storm with lots of good stuff and told us to go sit outside and he will be right out. It was a beautiful day and the sun was bright and starting to get hot already. We sat down at one of the tables by bar and within minutes Jake came out with coffee and a tray of food which he had prepared. We talked openly about yesterday and last night and he hoped we were still ok with how things were going. He told my wife that since she was still his till late this afternoon that she should stand up and remove the dress and shoes as we sit here and talk some more. I want to see your naked body as I relax. Tamara stood up and pulled the dress up over her head and stepped out of her shoes, while the dried cum was still sticking to her tits and her hair was a mess too. She had on a pair of white panties and he told her those must come off too. As she pulled them down, they were wet with cum that was still oozing out a little from Jake and I filling her up earlier this morning. Jake smiled. “Nice wet cunt you have, you sexy Slut. Now sit down and finish off your breakfast.”

We talked more about how my wife felt and how she was handling getting fucked all day. She told him that her pussy was a little tender today and not sure if she could handle another eight hours of getting fucked by four guys again. He told her not to worry only, he and I were the only ones today that would be here and using her and only till two pm so that was only four hours till then. We talked a little more then he said time to get into character now, so I want you to start addressing me by Sir Jake again and don’t mess up.

“Go up to your room, put on the shoes I bough you and bring your cuffs with you, and meet me by the pergola.” He told her.

She walked into the house as I watched Jake mixed up some kind of drink in the blender. I noticed the vase that was catching all the cum from my wife’s pussy was empty and sitting on the counter along with the jar of her breast milk, it too was sitting there empty. Looked like Jake was blending some fruit/smoothie drink with cum and Tamara’s milk. He then carried it over to the pergola area and told me to go for a swim or relax were ever I want. A few minutes later Tamara came out wearing the shoes and had the cuffs in her hands and walked over to the pergola where she was used yesterday for almost eight straight hours.

He handed her the drink and said he made her this special smoothie and hoped she liked it. “Let me know if it needs anything.” Tamara drank some and told him it was ok and that it tasted good then drank a little more. Jake then poured sunscreen into his hands and started to rub it all over my wife’s body trying not to miss a spot. Her body was shinning as the sun reflexed off her skin and she looked well covered from head to toe. Next Jake put the collar around her neck and the cuffs on her ankles and wrists. “Good now you’re ready for action.”

He had her lay back on the same table facing up and once again fastened arms and feet to rings around the table. He pulled a pin again and spread her legs wide open he then opened the roof and the sun light beat down on her naked body and right on her pussy too. He left her there and went into the house while I went for a swim. He was gone probably ten or fifteen minutes and was carrying an ice bucket when he came back out. He pulled off his shirt and then took off his swimsuit. His monster cock just hung there probably waiting for when it would be inserted into my wife’s cunt.

Jake’s fingers rubbed Tamara’s tits for a minute then he rubbed his fingers all around and into her cunt. “Nice.” He said. “Your cunt is getting pretty dam wet. I like that. Wet tells me you are enjoying yourself.” He told her that she felt hot and he would cool her off, but she was not to flinch as he did. He then grabbed a few ice cubes and held them over her body as the ice melted in his hands it started to drip onto her. Tamara’s body did jump a little as I watched her from the pool, but she did not say a word. “Careful.” Jake told her. “I told you not to move.”

“Ok. Sorry Sir Jake, I will try not to.”

Jake then grabbed more ice and this time hand a couple cubes in each hand and rubbed them right on top of her body and all over her tits and nipples. Again, Tamara’s body jumped for a second as the ice made contact with her skin but only the one little flinch. Not sure if she would be in trouble for that or not. The ice melted fast, so Jake grabbed a couple more pieces again and this time rubbed them all over and around her pussy, she did not move that time but moaned softly. “Oh! You like that on your wet cunt do you. Slut” Jake asked.

Tamara moaned. “It feels nice Sir Jake. It’s nice and cool.” Once that ice was gone, he then picked up a few more pieces and with his fingers pushed all three cubes into her cunt. Tamara grunted a little louder as they got pushed into her wet pussy and I watched her legs start to shake, so that meant one thing she was going to cum soon. Moans escaped her mouth as he fingered her pussy. “Sir Jake. Can I cum? I am close Sir Jake.”

“NO!” he barked back. “Not yet.” He then pulled his fingers away from her pussy and with his hand he placed the head of his monster cock to her cunt. He started to slap the head of his cock right onto my wife’s clit. She grunted each time his big cock slammed onto her vagina and after about six slaps she screamed out. “Oww… Fuck… Please… Sir Jake. Please stop.” But he did not listen, and his cock head came down hard on her clit four more times. She screamed louder. “PLEASE… PLEASE… Sir Jake…I…” He stopped the slapping instantly and in one motion pushed his huge cock deep into her cunt. She screamed louder as his big cock forced it’s way into her and so said was going to cum.

“Cum Slut! Cum all over my cock you horny bitch.” Jake yelled out, as he fucked her ice filled cold cunt.

Tamara started to cum, legs shaking and her arms pulling tight against the restraints as wet cunt noises could be heard all the way across the pool area as his cock pushed in and out of her. Jake fucked kept fucking her and she just kept having one steady orgasm when Jake finally pulled out and shot his load all over her body covering her tits again with his semen. Once he was stopped shooting his load he as if I wanted to fuck her while she was still having an orgasm, so I jumped out of the water and surprisingly enough had a hard cock even while being in the pool. I dropped my trunks and fucked her pussy the whole time she was still cumming. I came within seconds as I was on the edge of cumming just watching her get used as a slut. She looked so hot laying there in the sun with wades of cum all over her body.

Jake and I went for a drink and left her laying there tied up, letting Jake’s cum dry all over her. After a quick drink we went back over, and we both unstrapped the wife and he told her to take five, have some more smoothie and relax. Some of the cum was dry on her nipples and tits and some was still wet but like I said it did look hot as hell. Jake went back to the house and returned shortly with some light snacks and more drinks, he told Tamara to eat a little as she needed to keep up her energy. We sat and chatted a bite then he said well we should be able to get a little more fun in before I must run.

He had Tamara lay back down on the table this time facing down and with her tits through the two holes again. He then hooked the cuffs back to the rings and bent down under the table. Jake had two clamps in his hand, and he said now these will not fall off to easy I hope, and he secured them to my wife’s nipples. Milk dripped out and onto the patio stones as he did play with them to attach the clamps and one secure, he hung small but heavy looking weight on each one. This stretched her tits and nipples down more and looked hot from where is was sitting. He then went to the back of the table and lower it so that my wife’s legs were almost on the ground and spread her legs a little wider apart. She was now once again totally exposed to the world.

“You look extremely comfortable and sexy laying there my little Slut. Are you ready for more?” He asked her.

Tamara spoke softly. “Yes, Sir Jake, I am ready for more.”

“Good! Now you are going to suck your husband off, while I fuck you again.” He said. I went to the front of her and placed my cock to her lips and slowly pushed it into her mouth. She sucked me like nothing before and was doing a great job when Jake grabbed something from the cabinet and then got between her legs. Cum was dripping from her cunt and Jake loved to see that she was always so wet. I saw he had a black ball in his hand with a tube on it, he stuck the ball into my wife’s cunt and then with his other hand he started to pump it up. It was an inflatable ball, I guess. He pumped it quite a few times and so it most have been getting pretty big inside her, but I could not see from my angle. “Nice.” He spoke again. “Your cunt is nice and stretched now when you cum it will be more intense for you.”

His cock was hard and looked ready for something as he squeezed lube all over it and the placed the head of his monster cock at my wife’s ass. She looked up at me with her eyes as she felt the head of his cock push a little on her asshole. She tried to shake her head to say no, but Jake pushed slowly and forced some of his head of his cock into her. She tried to wiggle and shake her head again to say no, but Jake pushed even more cock into her. She tried to scream something out but with my cock in her mouth we could not understand her, but deep down I knew she did not want that huge cock in her ass. Jake spoke up and asked her if she wanted her ass fucked. So, to let her answer, I pulled my cock out of her mouth to let her speak.

“No Sir Jake. Please no it is to big.” She answered. “It will hurt.”

“Can you feel it in you now Slut?” Jake asked.

“Yes… Yes… I feel it in me. It feels huge Sir Jake.” She replied.

“OK. I am going to keep pushing my cock into your ass until you tell me to stop. But only if you really can’t take it anymore.” He told her. He slowly eased more of his cock into her ass, and she did not say a word, she just laid there quietly, so he pushed a few more inches into her. He now had about eight inches in her ass when she screamed stop. Jake stopped. “Stop. What do you mean stop? You almost have to whole thing in your ass and now you want to stop. I want you to take it all Slut. Can you do it? Make me happy you bitch.”

Tamara laid there for a second without saying a word then spoke out. “Ok, Sir Jake I will try take make you happy. Give me more of it.” Jake slowly pushed more into her when Tamara grunted out. “OH… FUCK… THAT THING IS FUCKING BIG… FUCK!!!” He kept pushing while she grunted.

“There!” He said. “That wasn’t so bad was it. You have the whole thing in you, and you didn’t want it.” He then slowly started to pull back and then push back in. She grunted with each push and slowly Jake pulled out more and then pushed more back in. Tamara moaned and her body was starting to quiver. Jake now started to fuck her ass at a fast and at a steady pace, just as if he was in her cunt. Her tits bounced back and forth as the hung down with the heavy weights attached to them. She moans turned into screams and she was about to cum. Jake told her she could cum whenever she wanted, and he was going to cum in her ass. I stuck my dick back into her mouth and Jake really started to fuck her ass, harder. They fucked for a few minutes and Tamara let loose and started to cum. She started to squirt her cum out of her pussy while Jake started to fill her ass with his semen. I never seen her pussy squirt like that before and forgot she had a big round ball up her cunt too probably causing her pussy to stretch and squeeze out her fluids. I shot my load into her mouth and the three of us all now had to catch our breath. I walked to the back of her as Jake’s cock was still in her so I could watch the cum run out of her ass once he pulled out. As his cock came out of her ass so did a large wade of hot cum and it ran down from her asshole and over her cunt and onto the patio stones. Jake then pulled on the tube that was attached to the ball and we watched it slowly appear. Her lips stretched wide, but I did not think that ball would come out, so Jake pulled harder and more ball stretched her lips. My wife moaned loud as if she was about to cum again when Jake pulled once more, and the ball plopped out and Tamara had another orgasm right then. She screamed as cum came running out of her pussy and joined the puddle on the patio stones below. WOW what a site. What a day.

We both untied my wife, Jake took off her nipple clamps and we all went back to the bar sat down for a drink and to talk about how Tamara was doing and how she felt being used as a sex slave for a whole weekend. My wife looked well used and with dried cum still all over her and her nipples large and dark red made her look so sexy. Jake was overly impressed with her and loved the fact that she was willing to try anything. He now had a few more ideas he said that he would run by me and we can plan another weekend one day if I was ok with it.

We packed up our things and Jake told Tamara to keep the shoes and the pink cuffs and told me to use them on her at home or if we go out and want to play.

Once again, an excellent weekend and we all look forward till the next encounter.

As we drove home Tamara asked me if I was ok with the weekend and to be honest. I told her it was exciting as hell to watch get used by some many guys and to watch Jake fuck her with that big cock and watch her take that whole cock up her ass was a great ending. She was glad I enjoyed it and said she was a little tender now, but she had a great time too. “Thanks.” she said.

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Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

A couple is trending on Facebook after they held their church wedding over the weekend and didn’t have a reception afterwards.

The couple, whose names were simply given as Augustus and Vivian, got married in St. Dennis Catholic Church in Bariga on Saturday, February 8.

After exchanging their vows in the church, the couple distributed a package to everyone after Mass and they cut their cake at the exit door of the church and everyone took a piece and went home.

There were no friends wearing ashoebi, there were no bridesmaids or men in suit, it was just the couple in their wedding outfits and their guests wearing whatever they wanted.

After Mass, everyone went home before 1pm.

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

A priest shared their photos on Facebook, writing: “Today’s wedding between Augustus and Vivian in St Denis Catholic Church Bariga was particularly different in a very cool and sweet way. The bride and groom were beautifully dressed. A friend of mine Edith Kush did the make up for the bride. The wedding was done with the bride and the groom exchanging their vows to each other lovingly. That was the highpoint of the whole thing.

“The food and souvenir were beautifully packaged together and were distributed to all that came just immediately after the mass. They had the cutting of the cake just at the exit door of the church. No reception. No hall. No Mc. No DJ. No event planner. No aseobi. No bridal train. Just the essential. Before 1pm everyone was already on their way home and to their other businesses, including the couple. On Sunday they will come for thanksgiving after having consummated the marriage without stress.”

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception
Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception
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Top 5 free dating sites in Nigeria for single people

Friendite has the best design and layout of all the Nigerian dating sites, making the experience particularly profile(DateNurse)dating profile(DateNurse)

Not everybody fancies the idea of finding a partner on a dating site; nevertheless, there are some of us who do.

A friend of mine once told me that looking for love online is like looking for money on a busy road. It is most likely that you’ll end up finding nothing on the road as it is not a place for money finders.

In as much as this friend of mine might be right to some extent, it still doesn’t alter the fact that impossibility is nothing.

After all, we’ve heard series of stories from people who found love online. There’re also testimonies of others who, though didn’t find love, met people on dating sites they’ll never forget for the rest of their lives.

However, we’re aware of the ills and downs that come with online dating. Therefore, it is advisable for one to apply caution when exchanging details, especially when it comes to visiting (him) for the first time.

Here are some of the top free dating sites in Nigeria for single people

1. Friendite

First on our list of top free dating sites for single people across the country is

Created in 2012, Friendite since its launch has been among the top growing social dating site in Nigeria.

It is believed to be more than just a dating site as its members can share photos, videos, create events, wall news feed, blogs and groups, read the latest news and play games with other members.

In addition, Friendite has the best design and layout of all the Nigerian dating sites, making the experience particularly user-friendly.

Hence the attraction of over 84,000 registered members with a daily visit of 9,000 members.

2. Sexy Naija

Second on our list of the top free dating site is Sexy Naija. This website is campaigned to be one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria and is believed to be the most established site having started off way back in 2005.

Interestingly, this Nigerian site is free to the core; nothing like paying for any premium membership.

And just like other dating sites, you sign up by providing the normal sign up information including blood group, religion, occupation, marital status, drinking habit etc.

Some of the attractive features of Sexy Naija includes Instant Messaging, Chatting, forum, a blogging application, and your own internal email – all these is to help improve your user experience which will help to ensure good communications between singles.

3. Tinder

Everybody seems to know Tinder. And this is because it has taken off to become, arguably, the latest craze in online dating.

From London to New York, down to Lagos and Abuja, there’s no end where a user of Tinder will not be found.

Unlike the above dating sites, Tinder is a mobile application (available on Blackberry, Apple and Android devices) rather than a website and is free to download.

Once downloaded, you simply swipe either left or right depending on if you’re into someone. If you like someone who also likes you, Tinder sends you a notification and you can message each other. It’s really that simple!

However, with numerous accounts of people claiming that the so-called Runs Girlz have taken over Tinder, it is therefore advisable for seekers of love to thread with caution.

4. Naijaplanet

Fourth on our list of top free dating sites for singles is

Users of Naijaplanet affirms that the dating site is 100% free and it is easy to search and communicate with people in their community, because of the website’s easy-to-use tools like the basic and advanced search functions, instant messaging, chat rooms, video gallery, message boards and more.

Launched in 2008, Naijaplanet has a beautiful, simple and easy to navigate website which attracts about 3000 visits daily with about 44,000 registered members.

5. Meet Nigerians

This is coming last on our list of top free dating site because of two specific things.

First, it is not specifically meant for Nigerians living in Nigeria but those living in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Secondly, to perform certain functions other than the normal functions like sending SMS using the site, you need to pay a Gold Membership fee depending on the duration you want to.

However, a good number of Nigerians living in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are registered on this dating site as well; that means you’re sure to get hooked if you register and get involved with Meet Nigerians.

On the other hand, you really don’t need to pay for gold premium in other to tag along.


Couple welcome set of quintuplets 16 years after marriage (photo)

Couple welcome set of quintuplets 16 years after marriage (photo)

A Nigerian couple have become new parents after they welcomed a set of quintuplets, three boys and two girls, 16 years after they got married.

Mr and Mrs Egenti have been waiting for the fruit of the womb since they tied the knot in 2003. After many years of waiting, they tried several medical options including IVF, all to no avail. However, Mrs Egenti, an indigene of Anambra state, said she miraculously took in and after completing the mandatory 9-months gestation period, she welcomed her babies at the National Hospital Abuja.

Speaking from her hospital bed, 44-year-old Mrs Susan Egenti, a trader in Abuja, said

 “I have been married since 2003 with no children, not even to get pregnant and have a miscarriage. Every time we attend a child dedication either in our church or elsewhere, I always come home crying, praying for the day God will have mercy on me and grant me the fruit of the womb”.


5 basic things that make every woman irresistible

Great looks and four other things that make women irresistible.

5 basic things that make every woman irresistible. [vixendaily]

5 basic things that make every woman irresistible. [vixendaily]

Why are there babes that aren’t particularly good-looking but guys just get drawn to? Because attraction and being irresistible is not only about looks and outward appearances.

And what are the things that makes a woman irresistibly attractive to men? We list five of these below.

Here are 5 things that make women irresistible

1. Kindness

There’s this thing about women being intrinsically caring and kind and possessing an affectionate trait.

So if she’s really kind and nice to everyone, men find such women irresistible.

2. Intelligence

There is something so sexy about a woman who is witty and can own her own in thoughtful conversations. If she’s great at street smarts, has a sense of humor, and emotional intelligence, that’s really irresistible.

3. Great looks

This is still a killer trait every time. Possessing just a fine face and nothing else might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it will still draw men in.

A gorgeous, pretty face is always irresistible.

4. Confidence

Women who have found that perfect blend between humility and a pride in themselves are usually pleasing and irresistible.

It is possible to find a balance between humility and self confidence. You can value yourself without belittling others. Women who have a grasp of this reality have a sort of appeal about them that men can hardly say no to.

5. Positivity

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is happy with herself, happy with life… just happy. A woman who has had her fair share of ups and downs but realizes that there’s still power in laughing often, radiating joy and gladness, and beams this positivity into your day and that of everyone around her.


Do you really need to block an ex on social media after a breakup?

Do you really need to block an ex everywhere after a breakup? [Credit – Business Insider]

How necessary is it to block an ex off your social media space? Is it over-dramatic to do so?

Remaining connected to an ex partners social media platforms has been likened to a situation where you leave a window open in your house so as to peek in on festivities happening in a neighbouring mansion, where you’re not welcome in.

In a bid to find happiness and move past the hurt and confusion of being dumped, minimizing contact with your ex is always advised.

Popular opinion makes you believe that the farther you move from the person that hurt you, the easier [relatively] it will be to put the whole breakup wahala behind you.

But how true is this? Do you truly move on faster from a breakup when you block your ex than when you don’t?

Do you truly move on faster from a breakup when you block your ex than when you don’t? [Credit – Shutterstock]

Isn’t it possible that staying away and blocking that ex from your life will only make you miss them more and worsen the ache to have them back?

Afterall, absence is said to make the heart grow fonder. And realistically, not everyone actually ends up hating their exes.

Many ex partners end up being good friends who eventually do a lot of great stuff together despite the end of their romantic relationship.

Again, different strokes for different folks. People always end up handling their problems in the manner they deem most convenient.

And that’s just right. People can and should always do what’s best for them, so far they are happy and content.

You need to move on from that chapter, and doing away with anything that may drag you back is the way to go [Credit – Business Insider]iStock

My opinion on the matter

Personally, I think that blocking an ex can never be wrong no matter how you want to view it. The choice to cut them out of your life after a breakup is valid majorly because if the relationship is over and you need to move on from that chapter, doing away with anything that may drag you back to the past needs to be kept faraway from you.

Blocking an ex does not mean that you are angry, or that you never want to be friends with them ever again, or that you are resentful.

One of these may be true, yes, but that does not necessarily have to be the truth always.

Blocking an ex does not mean you are petty or angry or resentful. You just need it for your own good. [Credit – YouSense]

Blocking an ex, in essence, is for your own good. For you to move on without their ‘distractive’ presence, or having them pop into your DM when they like, messing up your progress in the life after them.

And if you’re concerned that it will come off as petty, you shouldn’t be. Yes, maybe your ex will think you’re being petty but you cannot control what they think about you. What you need to do instead, is make sure you create the appropriate conditions for you to heal and if that means you have to take them off social media for a while, then so be it.


Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa’s makeup artist, Anita are holding their introduction ceremony

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

Nollywood actor and former Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese is currently holding his introduction ceremony to his fiancee Anita Adetoye, who is also Toke Makinwa’s makeup artist in Ikeja area of Lagos state. 

Anita dropped a hint of their introduction ceremony on Instagram with the caption;

“Not my usual Saturday, but MY SATURDAY #RoadToBae2020 #TheIntroduction #MissToMrs #PrincessAnita #OndoPrincess”

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

Emmanuel Ikubese who has been spotted several times with Anita Adetoye in Lekki also confirmed that they are holding their introduction ceremony today. 

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa
Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa
Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa also took to Instagram to congratulate Anita. She wrote; 

My heart. I feel like such a proud mama Congratulations to my make up artist @anitabrows this has been so hard to keep to myself. Watching you begin the next chapter of your life is everything. Let’s start with the introduction. You look super stunning. Guys my baby is getting married . I cannot keep calm
Omo Ondo toh sure, you look super stunning

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

It is expected that the couple will hold their wedding ceremony in 2020. A big congrats to them. 


9 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

These signs show the girl is a keeper and you should propose to her at the right time.

9 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

She’s happy around you

If a woman likes you, she always tries to be with you. She loves your companionship and she doesn’t stop smiling because she is comfortable around you. She loves your aura, energy and great personality.

Downplays other guys

She wants you to know that there are other guys interested in her. But she doesn’t want you to think she finds them interesting. So, she may not even bring up other guys, and if she does, she does it to see your reaction.

You’ve met her friends

If she really likes you and wants to move a step further in the relationship, she will introduce you to her friends. Her friends will analyze you from your head to toe and delve into your occupation and family background. Although they comments don’t really matter in your relationship, it is a sign of relief for you and your girlfriend.

She shares her secrets with you

Trusting someone is a risk and when someone opens up to you then you should know she really loves you. She wants an emotional bond with you and you should reciprocate her love and trust.

She tries to make you jealous

Jealousy is the easy way to get someone’s attention. If she mentions other guys or flirts with other guys in front of you, she just to see what your reaction is. She wants you to fight for her love.

She spends time and money on her appearance

Makeup products and designer clothes are really expensive. If she persistently look extremely good and smells romantic any time you invite her out, this tell she wants more than mere friendship.

She just says it

If you find a woman who just tells you how she feels without you having to dissect her every single move, keep her. Take her in your arms and never let go. You found a keeper, a rare gem.

She makes future plans

When a girl starts suggesting things for the two of you to do in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months, it seems pretty obvious she’s got you in her long term plan.

She cares about you and your family

She likes spending time with you and tries to check up on you at work. She helps you out when she can and appreciate, if not participate, in your hobbies.

So if you find your girl inquiring about work problems, doing your dishes and watching you beat your top score on (insert video game of your choice here), you’ve found yourself a keeper.


Weird new study suggests that lots of sex in a relationship could make partners cheat

We surely didn’t see that coming.

A study suggests that lots of sex in a relationship could make partners cheat [Credit: Peathegee Inc / Getty]

Cheating is such a sensitive issue in our relationships and in dating life that it never really stops being talked about.

There’s so much of it happening around us and when you wonder why that is so, many reasons come to mind.

Of all the reasons why people cheat, would you expect that having too much sex will be an issue? Neither do we!

But apparently, there may be a link between having enough good sex and actually cheating on one’s partner.

Sounds weird, right?

Having a lot of sex makes you want a lot more sex?[Credit: Getty Images]

Well, according to Assistant Professor Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University who co-authored the report, “sexual satisfaction was positively associated with infidelity suggesting that people who were more satisfied with their sex were more likely to engage in infidelity,”

However, she was quick to add that the result may be a little more nuanced than the conclusion that enough good sex makes people want to cheat.

Speaking to website, Fatherly, she says “this effect was surprising and so I would hesitate to draw any meaningful conclusions from it until it can be replicated in other samples.

“It is also worth noting that this positive association emerged in a very complex model that controlled for a number of related outcomes.”

People cheat when they have the ability to conceal it [Credit: Video Blocks]

People cheat when they are confident they won’t get caught

While Meltzer seems to still have some reservations over the result of her team’s new study, American Neuroscientist, Dr. Nicole Prause seemed quite assertive, telling Fatherly that:

“One of the strongest predictors of infidelity is actually power at work, which many scientists think indicates those who are prone to cheat, will, when they have the ability to conceal it.”