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Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

A couple is trending on Facebook after they held their church wedding over the weekend and didn’t have a reception afterwards.

The couple, whose names were simply given as Augustus and Vivian, got married in St. Dennis Catholic Church in Bariga on Saturday, February 8.

After exchanging their vows in the church, the couple distributed a package to everyone after Mass and they cut their cake at the exit door of the church and everyone took a piece and went home.

There were no friends wearing ashoebi, there were no bridesmaids or men in suit, it was just the couple in their wedding outfits and their guests wearing whatever they wanted.

After Mass, everyone went home before 1pm.

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

A priest shared their photos on Facebook, writing: “Today’s wedding between Augustus and Vivian in St Denis Catholic Church Bariga was particularly different in a very cool and sweet way. The bride and groom were beautifully dressed. A friend of mine Edith Kush did the make up for the bride. The wedding was done with the bride and the groom exchanging their vows to each other lovingly. That was the highpoint of the whole thing.

“The food and souvenir were beautifully packaged together and were distributed to all that came just immediately after the mass. They had the cutting of the cake just at the exit door of the church. No reception. No hall. No Mc. No DJ. No event planner. No aseobi. No bridal train. Just the essential. Before 1pm everyone was already on their way home and to their other businesses, including the couple. On Sunday they will come for thanksgiving after having consummated the marriage without stress.”

Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception
Couple trend after they held their wedding in Lagos without having a reception

5 basic things that make every woman irresistible

Great looks and four other things that make women irresistible.

5 basic things that make every woman irresistible. [vixendaily]

5 basic things that make every woman irresistible. [vixendaily]

Why are there babes that aren’t particularly good-looking but guys just get drawn to? Because attraction and being irresistible is not only about looks and outward appearances.

And what are the things that makes a woman irresistibly attractive to men? We list five of these below.

Here are 5 things that make women irresistible

1. Kindness

There’s this thing about women being intrinsically caring and kind and possessing an affectionate trait.

So if she’s really kind and nice to everyone, men find such women irresistible.

2. Intelligence

There is something so sexy about a woman who is witty and can own her own in thoughtful conversations. If she’s great at street smarts, has a sense of humor, and emotional intelligence, that’s really irresistible.

3. Great looks

This is still a killer trait every time. Possessing just a fine face and nothing else might not mean much in the grand scheme of things, but it will still draw men in.

A gorgeous, pretty face is always irresistible.

4. Confidence

Women who have found that perfect blend between humility and a pride in themselves are usually pleasing and irresistible.

It is possible to find a balance between humility and self confidence. You can value yourself without belittling others. Women who have a grasp of this reality have a sort of appeal about them that men can hardly say no to.

5. Positivity

There is nothing sexier than a woman who is happy with herself, happy with life… just happy. A woman who has had her fair share of ups and downs but realizes that there’s still power in laughing often, radiating joy and gladness, and beams this positivity into your day and that of everyone around her.


Do you really need to block an ex on social media after a breakup?

Do you really need to block an ex everywhere after a breakup? [Credit – Business Insider]

How necessary is it to block an ex off your social media space? Is it over-dramatic to do so?

Remaining connected to an ex partners social media platforms has been likened to a situation where you leave a window open in your house so as to peek in on festivities happening in a neighbouring mansion, where you’re not welcome in.

In a bid to find happiness and move past the hurt and confusion of being dumped, minimizing contact with your ex is always advised.

Popular opinion makes you believe that the farther you move from the person that hurt you, the easier [relatively] it will be to put the whole breakup wahala behind you.

But how true is this? Do you truly move on faster from a breakup when you block your ex than when you don’t?

Do you truly move on faster from a breakup when you block your ex than when you don’t? [Credit – Shutterstock]

Isn’t it possible that staying away and blocking that ex from your life will only make you miss them more and worsen the ache to have them back?

Afterall, absence is said to make the heart grow fonder. And realistically, not everyone actually ends up hating their exes.

Many ex partners end up being good friends who eventually do a lot of great stuff together despite the end of their romantic relationship.

Again, different strokes for different folks. People always end up handling their problems in the manner they deem most convenient.

And that’s just right. People can and should always do what’s best for them, so far they are happy and content.

You need to move on from that chapter, and doing away with anything that may drag you back is the way to go [Credit – Business Insider]iStock

My opinion on the matter

Personally, I think that blocking an ex can never be wrong no matter how you want to view it. The choice to cut them out of your life after a breakup is valid majorly because if the relationship is over and you need to move on from that chapter, doing away with anything that may drag you back to the past needs to be kept faraway from you.

Blocking an ex does not mean that you are angry, or that you never want to be friends with them ever again, or that you are resentful.

One of these may be true, yes, but that does not necessarily have to be the truth always.

Blocking an ex does not mean you are petty or angry or resentful. You just need it for your own good. [Credit – YouSense]

Blocking an ex, in essence, is for your own good. For you to move on without their ‘distractive’ presence, or having them pop into your DM when they like, messing up your progress in the life after them.

And if you’re concerned that it will come off as petty, you shouldn’t be. Yes, maybe your ex will think you’re being petty but you cannot control what they think about you. What you need to do instead, is make sure you create the appropriate conditions for you to heal and if that means you have to take them off social media for a while, then so be it.


Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa’s makeup artist, Anita are holding their introduction ceremony

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

Nollywood actor and former Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese is currently holding his introduction ceremony to his fiancee Anita Adetoye, who is also Toke Makinwa’s makeup artist in Ikeja area of Lagos state. 

Anita dropped a hint of their introduction ceremony on Instagram with the caption;

“Not my usual Saturday, but MY SATURDAY #RoadToBae2020 #TheIntroduction #MissToMrs #PrincessAnita #OndoPrincess”

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

Emmanuel Ikubese who has been spotted several times with Anita Adetoye in Lekki also confirmed that they are holding their introduction ceremony today. 

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa
Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa
Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa also took to Instagram to congratulate Anita. She wrote; 

My heart. I feel like such a proud mama Congratulations to my make up artist @anitabrows this has been so hard to keep to myself. Watching you begin the next chapter of your life is everything. Let’s start with the introduction. You look super stunning. Guys my baby is getting married . I cannot keep calm
Omo Ondo toh sure, you look super stunning

Exclusive: Actor Emmanuel Ikubese and Toke Makinwa

It is expected that the couple will hold their wedding ceremony in 2020. A big congrats to them. 


9 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

These signs show the girl is a keeper and you should propose to her at the right time.

9 signs she wants to be your girlfriend

She’s happy around you

If a woman likes you, she always tries to be with you. She loves your companionship and she doesn’t stop smiling because she is comfortable around you. She loves your aura, energy and great personality.

Downplays other guys

She wants you to know that there are other guys interested in her. But she doesn’t want you to think she finds them interesting. So, she may not even bring up other guys, and if she does, she does it to see your reaction.

You’ve met her friends

If she really likes you and wants to move a step further in the relationship, she will introduce you to her friends. Her friends will analyze you from your head to toe and delve into your occupation and family background. Although they comments don’t really matter in your relationship, it is a sign of relief for you and your girlfriend.

She shares her secrets with you

Trusting someone is a risk and when someone opens up to you then you should know she really loves you. She wants an emotional bond with you and you should reciprocate her love and trust.

She tries to make you jealous

Jealousy is the easy way to get someone’s attention. If she mentions other guys or flirts with other guys in front of you, she just to see what your reaction is. She wants you to fight for her love.

She spends time and money on her appearance

Makeup products and designer clothes are really expensive. If she persistently look extremely good and smells romantic any time you invite her out, this tell she wants more than mere friendship.

She just says it

If you find a woman who just tells you how she feels without you having to dissect her every single move, keep her. Take her in your arms and never let go. You found a keeper, a rare gem.

She makes future plans

When a girl starts suggesting things for the two of you to do in a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months, it seems pretty obvious she’s got you in her long term plan.

She cares about you and your family

She likes spending time with you and tries to check up on you at work. She helps you out when she can and appreciate, if not participate, in your hobbies.

So if you find your girl inquiring about work problems, doing your dishes and watching you beat your top score on (insert video game of your choice here), you’ve found yourself a keeper.


Weird new study suggests that lots of sex in a relationship could make partners cheat

We surely didn’t see that coming.

A study suggests that lots of sex in a relationship could make partners cheat [Credit: Peathegee Inc / Getty]

Cheating is such a sensitive issue in our relationships and in dating life that it never really stops being talked about.

There’s so much of it happening around us and when you wonder why that is so, many reasons come to mind.

Of all the reasons why people cheat, would you expect that having too much sex will be an issue? Neither do we!

But apparently, there may be a link between having enough good sex and actually cheating on one’s partner.

Sounds weird, right?

Having a lot of sex makes you want a lot more sex?[Credit: Getty Images]

Well, according to Assistant Professor Andrea Meltzer of Florida State University who co-authored the report, “sexual satisfaction was positively associated with infidelity suggesting that people who were more satisfied with their sex were more likely to engage in infidelity,”

However, she was quick to add that the result may be a little more nuanced than the conclusion that enough good sex makes people want to cheat.

Speaking to website, Fatherly, she says “this effect was surprising and so I would hesitate to draw any meaningful conclusions from it until it can be replicated in other samples.

“It is also worth noting that this positive association emerged in a very complex model that controlled for a number of related outcomes.”

People cheat when they have the ability to conceal it [Credit: Video Blocks]

People cheat when they are confident they won’t get caught

While Meltzer seems to still have some reservations over the result of her team’s new study, American Neuroscientist, Dr. Nicole Prause seemed quite assertive, telling Fatherly that:

“One of the strongest predictors of infidelity is actually power at work, which many scientists think indicates those who are prone to cheat, will, when they have the ability to conceal it.”

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Bovi’s Pranks: What do they tell us about cheating, marriages and relationships?

First, our opinions on cheating are in reality, not as black or white as we like to tout.

Bovi and wife pranks a loyal friend ahead of his 40th birthday [Instagram/officialbovi]

At the time of publishing this, it’s ended after 10 episodes on Bovi’s social media pages. For the most part, they have been entertaining and pretty interesting, majorly due to the extent friends and acquaintances of the comedian would go to have his back and cover his tracks.

Ok, so let’s backtrack a little – what exactly are these pranks about?

While the Instagram video below this paragraph will give you a clearer insight, it till doesn’t hurt to add that the videos are episodic [and playful] portrayals of friends being put on the spot in situations where their responses could either free their buddy from potential [relationship] trouble or sink him further in it.

10 different friends, and no one snitched or gave up information that would worsen the [made up] fix Bovi was in at the time of recording each episode. There have been female friends, male friends, colleagues and acquaintances in the mix; with the result being the same at all times.

With the videos gaining traction and generating conversations [and big laughs] in several quarters, we think there are few relationship lessons to be gleaned from the skits, too.

The everlasting bro code

Obviously, what’s most obvious in those clips is the brotherhood at play. Most of the pranked people are male and it is telling that none of them gave up harmful information in the circumstances they were placed in, even when it meant they had to improvise and think of on-the-spot lies to stay on the side of Bovi.

And it’s clear as day that that is what is at play most times, between your boyfriend/husband and his friends. If it will protect the man from catching smoke, best believe that that’s the option his friends will take.

Bros before hoes may sound derogatory in saying, but the underlying logic really isn’t [Credit – Twitter]Twitter

It may not be something only men do, but it is more prominent in Bovi’s clips because of how quickly and easily the men switched into whatever act they needed to put up in order to not fumble their guy’s position. This brings us to the next thing…

Your partner’s friends are not your friends

Ok, not like they are not your friends in the sense of being civil and being friendly with you and all that; but when it really comes down to it, they’re really not your friend friend like that.

Their loyalty, most of the time [and that is like 9 out of 10 times] is to their friend whom they knew before they knew you, whom they would still be cool with even if the relationship fails and you are no longer in the picture.

The only person who owes you that loyalty is your partner, and if he [or she] fails to keep to their end of the relationship bargain, don’t expect to find succour in his or her friends. The friends may be good people who would try to call their friend to order, but overall, that loyalty is to their friend, not you.

When it comes down to it, all your partner’s friends, both the male and female ones, would normally remain loyal to that partner. It simply is what it is.

Are your partner’s friends wrong for covering for them [when they cheat]?

The simple answer, off the top of this author’s head is no.

While the implications of this may be at odds with some of the principles we hold dearly as a society, it still does not change that opinion.

First of all, on the subject of loyalty already mentioned, no one can be held wrong for upholding it in a friendship, and if the tables were turned, you would want your friends to do same for you. So while it may feel unfairly treated, it would really be not-so-nice if your vitriol is reserved for those friends. Keep it for your partner.

However, a situation like this could mean that you finally see all of them for the kind of people they really are because… ‘show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are’ but on the point of being wrong for holding up their partner’s lies, I don’t think anyone should be punished for that when that loyalty is what we all look out for in those we call friends.

Also, who exposes a cheating friend to their partner? No one, that’s who. As we have already expressed here, the best thing to do when you have the option of exposing a friend cheating on their partner is to not do it. If, on the other hand, you are presented with the chance of telling a friend they are being cheated on, the first option here too, is to not do it.

The nuances of cheating are different in theory and practical. [Credit: Black Excellence]

And finally, what do these clips teach us about cheating?

It is that the opinion of many people concerning cheating can never be so straight forward, never an unambiguous black or white. It is easy to say that cheating is bad and wrong and all that stuff but from those videos, it is quite apparent that even if the husband was actually cheating on his wife, all the called people, all male and female of them, would have reacted the same way.

The situation in each of those episodes is microcosmic of the realities of our society, and what actually goes on in real life situations. We all theoretically say cheating is bullshit, cowardly and reprehensible and more, but when it comes down to it, that is, if thrown in similar situations as Bovi’s friends were, many of us won’t act differently.

To deny this would be the height of hypocrisy – and that’s facts.


It’s wrong to bad-mouth your partner to family and friends; here’s why

Here’s the limit to what you can tell outsiders about your relationship.

Rihanna saying no [Credit: Nickie Petraki]

Due to the ever-present tendency of humans to make mistakes and the inevitability of conflicts in relationships, it is quite impossible to be with someone and not have something to complain about, even if it’s minor.

How you choose to go about this is actually a very delicate issue that needs to be talked about.

We have already said it here that the best way to communicate in a relationship, whether about the good things or the bad, is with one’s partner. In that enlightening piece published here, we said that “reaching out to your partner, communicating with him or her honestly about your concern should  be your first recourse when there is an issue bugging you in [your] relationship.

“What happens when you communicate first with other people is a reversal of the ideal cycle.

“Normally, your communication should start with your primary support group – your partner.

“It is only when your sincerest, repeated conversations with your partner does not get the job done that you involve outsiders. And that pretty much means everyone else that is not your partner.”

The point is to settle issues like adults, not leave them to fester. [Credit: Blackcity girl]

For people in relationships, this is one major thing that needs to be imbibed and never forgotten. Even after your repeated call for a change has not been heeded by your partner who somehow keeps doing the same thing that frustrates you and makes you unhappy, it is still not OK to tell outsider some things about them and your relationship.

Involving a third party in your relationship affairs may be OK under the circumstance mentioned above, but that’s as far as it should go. You need to stick to the issue and stay away from badmouthing your partner to outsiders, even if the said outsider is your mum, dad, siblings or friends.

Badmouthing your partner to outsiders is never cool and every wise partner knows better than doing that.

Every wise partner knows better than making their partners the brunt of jokes in a way that hurts their reputation. [Credit: RD]

Not only is it disrespectful on your part, it could also cause your family and friends to disrespect and dislike him or her. Surely, your partner deserves better from you than lowering their standing with people you hold dear.

Also, by badmouthing him or her to your folks or friends, you reinforce negativity.

Stay off trash talking and focus on getting the issues settled. [Credit: LovePanky]

Relationships and marriages are susceptible to negative talk. The more you complain about your spouse, the more your brain will reinforce those opinions — and the harder it will be to see beyond that thing you keep talking about.

Badmouthing them to these people instead of emphasizing on the issue itself will actually get nothing done. The issue that’s tearing your relationship apart should be your focus so that you can get answers and help for a better relationship.

You don’t want your partner feeling backstabbed, hurt, embarrassed and disappointed as well. So stay off the trash talking and focus on getting the issues settled.


Dear husband who will not put his phone down

Dear husband,

Dear husband who will not put his phone down

First I would like to thank you for the love and happiness you bring to our family. The children and I are very blessed to have you and we know it. So, thank you.

But, remember when our second daughter said her first word? We were in the living room, watching a movie you picked. Only, you weren’t watching because your attention was on whatever was making you smile at your phone. That’s why when she said “dada”, you didn’t hear it. This is something you always do, by the way. You insist on a movie, and then you pick up your phone. Two hours later, the movie is over and with it the opportunity to bond as a family.

I get it. Please know I understand that your phone is your networking tool and sometimes it’s work. I also know your phone helps you unwind after a particularly long day. I’m also guilty of preferring my Instagram feed to playing peekaboo with our son for the 57th time in a row. I get the distraction it causes. But here’s what I don’t think you realize: You’re missing out. You’re missing out on precious family memories of your children that you can never get back.

I hate that we’re in church, the sermon is on, and you reach into your pocket for your phone because ” a client might send a text.” In church? What are you teaching the kids? Parenting is leadership by example, and these ones are only too ready to mirror all the things they see us do.

It was annoying when it was just us two. I found it annoying to constantly have to repeat your name because you didn’t hear me the first time. It was embarrassing when we were out with my family and you were the only one sitting on your phone while everyone else was talking.

When it was just the us, I felt like you were only half here with me. I was talking and you were only giving me some of your attention while the rest was catching up on BlackBerry Messenger. In fact, it’s hard to remember back when smartphones weren’t a thing yet and you used to go hours without a phone in your hand.

Now, we’re a family, blessed with beautiful children. These small, seemingly insignificant moments that pass you by as your thumb is scrolling? They are priceless treasures. I don’t want you to look back and realize how much you didn’t see because you were looking down at your phone

Dear husband, I love you but your addiction to your phone is hurting us. It’s affecting our marriage and the relationship we have with our child. Please think about the message you’re sending to your daughter and your wife. You may not realize the power you have to make or break us.

Please, I’m begging you, put your phone down sometimes. Be more present with us. Look us in the eyes while your phone is in the next room. I promise you won’t regret it.


Your wife.


Here’s one part of Nigerian wedding culture that we need to cancel right now

No, this is not even remotely about bride price.

Stop it [Credit - Giphy]

GiphyStop it [Credit – Giphy]

Nigerian weddings are what they are – loud, happy, colourful events that will leave you breathless with fun and good times.

But that’s not all there is to our wedding culture. There are parts of it that are not as glamorous, or as laudable as the parts we like to project to the world with our glossy wedding pictures and wedding stories on Instagram and other channels.

It's time to stop disturbing people for not inviting you for their wedding [Credit - Make a Gif]

Make a gifIt’s time to stop disturbing people for not inviting you for their wedding [Credit – Make a Gif]

And while the heavily-contested bride price culture might readily jump to mind, there are some other [lesser known] pertinent ones that need to be cut off ASAP.

Entitlement to wedding invites

So there’s this thing that people do that does not make much sense. They hassle you for not being invited to your wedding. Like, how do you feel that bold or OK to pick a fight with someone for not being invited to their wedding?

It really does not sound nice to bother someone or keep a grudge about not being invited to their wedding, especially if y’all aren’t so chummy like that. Fam, I know it may have been imbibed due to how our ‘Nigerianness’ has permitted silly things like that for so long, but you know better now.

It’s time to dead the habit. It’s a bad one.

They had list of guests in mind and you did not make it. It’s really not a big deal. Move on. There will be many more weddings in the future.

Even Taraji knows about it and wants you to knock it off [Credit -Tenor]

TenorEven Taraji knows about it and wants you to knock it off [Credit -Tenor]

And think of it like this: you were saved the stress and financial burden of buying aso-ebi, dealing with a tailor, spending money on a make up artiste, being out on a Saturday, facing traffic when you could be resting or just about doing anything you feel like doing.

Just let it go. Trust me, you didn’t miss something to kill yourself over… or feel salty about.