Nigerian girl, 10, hired by U.K. school to be it’s new coding genius

A 10-year-old Nigerian girl was recently hired by a school in the United Kingdom to be a coding instructor.

Emmanuella Mayaki is a coding and programming prodigy who recently received her first job at the Southfield Primary School in Coventry, England, as the after school coding club teacher. 

According to Face 2 Face Africa, she will be responsible for teaching other kids her age about the basics of coding  including HTML and CSS. 

The school selected her for the job because of her extraordinary skill and knowledge in the area.

Mayaki’s passion for technology started at 7 years old. At age 9, she obtained a diploma with a specialty in multiple software programs including Advanced PowerPoint, Desktop Publishing, and Advanced Excel. She is still actively learning other coding languages and programs to expand her knowledge even further.

“In the club, there are currently about nine pupils. Hopefully, the club will increase its members in September,” she said in an interview with Face 2 Face Africa. 

“Today, my Academy App among others is already on Google Play store where I pass on knowledge of coding and graphics. I remember at age seven, I set a target to become a professional web designer and analyst at age nine, and I have accomplished it,” she added. “In the first week, I was pretty nervous because I had never taught a group of children. Although, my experience was sublime because I gained experience and I also enriched my skills. My observations were that not everyone grasps how to do it on their first try and there are some that they rush through it in a breeze.”


Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (videos)

Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (videos)

Dr Anu, the self-acclaimed plastic surgeon whose practices has led to an outcry in the last few weeks has allegedly been freed after being arrested. 


The doctor was taken in for questioning at Panti Police Station following a botched surgery she conducted which reportedly led to the death of former beauty Queen, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam.


A friend of the deceased who has been running campaigns on social media to ensure that justice is served, disclosed that the doctor who has been on the run since her facility in Lekki area of Lagos state was shut down, conducted a plastic surgery on the late beauty queen same year she graduated from medical school and started her internship.


@justice_for_queen_nneka wrote;

Hello everyone! Most of you remember when this news broke out last year?  Well, this was when late Queen Nneka Onwuzuligbo died after an infection from a botched liposuction and fat transfer surgery at Med Contour.

One point of correction in this story: Late Nneka was never taken to Vedic hospital. She was taken straight from Med Contour to LUTH, in an ambulance. Dr Anu went on the run & eventually came out from hiding. Since then, she has committed more acts of malpractices as can be seen in recent news. Her facility was sealed again two weeks ago by the FCCPC but she went to NMA to play victim & complain of harassment.
Great Nigerians, we need to find out a lot of things: Is Anu a Board-Certified Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon? Which organization in Nigeria certified her to practice as a Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon? Is she registered with NAPRAS (National Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons) Nigeria? Does getting a Bachelors degree in medicine and surgery automatically give you the Licence to practice as a Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery? NOTE: Dr Anu performed this procedure on late Nneka in 2018, the same year she graduated from medical school and started her internship.

Dr Anu has a lot of questions to answer, including why she forged a letter and presented to LUTH emergency unit on arrival, claiming that Nneka was referred to LUTH from General Hospital, Odan. If she were a qualified and certified plastic/cosmetic surgeon, why did she forge a letter claiming the deceased Nneka was coming from General Hospital and not Med Contour??? We have LUTH’s medical report to prove her lies.
Although these kinds of surgeries are elective, please let us fight to bring unqualified, unprofessional and unethical Practioners to book. We are not doing this for ourselves. Let us do this for our loved ones, for our children, for our future. You never know if someone you know/love may be secretly battling with insecurities about their bodies. And if we don’t stop unqualified and unprofessional people like Anu, she will keep preying on those insecurities. God bless you all!

Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (videos)

The Instagram user who slammed the Nigeran Medical Association (NMA) over its notice in which it reportedly warned FCCPC officials against invading Dr Anu’s property, also shared a petition against Dr Anu’s botched surgeries which was described as “unethical”. 


It was further alleged that Dr Anu who was freed after being arrested by Nneka’s family,  has been taking appointments through social media and performing surgeries. 


@justice_for_queen_nneka wrote in an another post;

Are the NMA( Nigerian Medical Association) and MDCN (Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria) backing Dr Anu of Med Contour’s malpractices? They definitely have some questions to answer! (Please swipe)

1. Are these two organizations aware that o2019, Anu FORGED a referral letter from GENERAL HOSPITAL, ODAN, which she presented to LUTH’s emergency unit, when the late Queen Nneka Onwuzuligbo was brought from MED CONTOUR in an ambulance after a botched liposuction surgery performed by Anu herself? And that the deceased Nneka was NEVER at General Hospital Odan like Anu presented?

2. Have the MDCN’s Investigating Panel asked to see the medical report on the cause of death of the late Nneka (whose family petitioned them in 2019 after her death)? If they have, did they see where Prof. Ugburo of LUTH wrote and signed that the deceased was referred from General Hospital Odan (according to the forged letter presented to them by Anu)? If the MDCN saw that report, did it not strike them as odd that the medical report stated that late Nneka was referred by General Hospital, Odan? And if they haven’t called for the medical report, why haven’t they done their due diligence yet, as an Investigating Panel, despite all the numerous allegations leveled against Dr Anu by many victims??? 3. MDCN’s Investigating Panel’s attached a response to the petition stated that they only attend to matters of “professional misconduct against their registered Practioners”. Can they please explain what they mean by “professional misconduct”, and how the numerous allegations against Anu are not of professional misconduct?

4. IS NMA aware that Dr Anu was arrested by the deceased Nneka’s family on July 5th, 2019 and taken to Panti police station, Yaba, Lagos?

5. Are the MDCN and NMA aware that, as at the time Anu was arrested, her facility where she operated on late Nneka, was already sealed by the Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring & Accreditation Agency? And that even though her facility was sealed, Anu was hiding out at AMETHYST HOSPITAL Lekki, taking appointments through social media, and performing surgeries?

That was how Anu got arrested on July 5th, 2019. She was lured through a false appointment. Are the NMA and MDCN aware of all these? If they are not, why have they not yet done their due diligence and investigation on this unscrupulous doctor who has so much blood on her hands?

6. Wouldn’t it be a case of professional misconduct that would cause Med Contour to be closed and sealed by the Lagos State Health Facility Monitoring & Accreditation Agency, last year?

7. Are the NMA and MDCN aware that late Queen Nneka Onwuzuligbo is someone’s daughter, and has a family, and the family and citizens of Nigeria want answers as to why Dr Anu is still allowed to practice as a medical practitioner despite all these allegations, with proofs against her.

8. Are they aware that Anu is playing victim, while she is actually the one who has made many women victims of her malpractices?

9. Are NMA and MDCN aware that Anu performed the liposuction surgery on late Queen Nneka in 2018, the same year that she(Anu) graduated from medical school, a procedure medical experts have said would require at least 7-10 of fellowships, specialist and board exams after medical school and internship?

The NMA and MDCN have a lot of questions to answer, and everyone who signed these letters, has to answer these questions. They have to answer to the Nigerian people, and the world, why they are supporting this doctor and why her medical license has not been revoked yet!

Stay tuned for more shocking revelations, and please keep tagging relevant authorities, organizations and social media influencers! Justice must prevail!

Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (videos)
Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (videos)
Dr Anu allegedly freed after being arrested over botched surgery and death of former beauty queen; family cry out for justice (videos)

Here is a video of the doctor at Panti Police Station; 


OPay acquires CBN Approval for International Money Transfer

OPay acquires CBN Approval for International Money Transfer

OPay a provider of payment, ride-hailing, food delivery and loan services have been given approval by Nigeria’s Apex Bank Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to commence international money transfer in Nigeria. With the approval, OPay will start facilitating remittance B2B, B2P and P2P remittance services into Nigeria. This is coming off the heels of the earlier announced $50 million fundraised from major venture capitalist some months ago.

“The plan is to distort the remittance space and ensure that international money transfer into Nigeria is safer, faster and more affordable” according to Kunle Olamuyiwa, Director of Remittances Services at OPay. With OPay’s infrastructure in Nigeria, it will be easier and faster for global remittance companies to partner with OPay to help their customers to receive money from their business partners, customers and loved ones directly into their OPay wallet and any bank account or mobile wallet in Nigeria. Also, recipients can go cash out their funds from their OPay wallets at any of over 100,000 OPay mobile money agents in Nigeria.

“We are already working with major global remittance companies around the world and will start facilitating remittances to Nigeria with these partners, ensuring the best fees and exchange rates, speed and security,” said Kunle.

When asked how this will benefit the recipients of money transfers in Nigeria, Kunle said “ There is a plan to commence a big-bang promo in December with lots of prices for recipients of money transfer who receive their money directly into their OPay wallets. I can only advise everyone who has families around the world to get an OPay Wallet. They will get better value for these funds doing transfers to any bank, paying their bills, buying food and also using our on-demand transport services i.e. Oride, OBus and Otrike. And on top of all, they can channel unused funds to OWealth and earn interest on it daily. It is indeed better times for recipients of international money transfers in Nigeria”

OPay launched its mobile payment service in August 2018, creating an infrastructure on which the company is now also adding new services. The agent-centric mobile payment operation focused on reaching the massive unbanked population of Nigeria. Currently, OPay has expanded into other verticals like ride-hailing (ORide and OTrike), and online food delivery (OFood), as well as facilitating access to third-party provided microloans (OKash) and wealth management (OWealth) and there will be more to come in the coming months.


Two Nigerian visa agents bag 14-years jail term for defrauding US Embassy of N50m

Two?Nigerian visa agents bag 14-years jail term for defrauding US Embassy of N50m

Two Nigerian visa agents have been sentenced to 14 years imprisonment without an option fine for defrauding the United States’ Embassy in Lagos of the sum of N50 million with fake Visa payment receipts for B1 and B2 Visa categories for 350 fresh visa applicants.  

The convicts are Adefila Ismaila Adekunle, 44 and Busari Kabiru, 25,

Chief Magistrate, Folashade Botoku of a Lagos, Nigeria’s Igbosere Chief Magistrates Court handed down the judgment. The convicts were found convicts guilty of the three counts preferred against them by the police at the Special Fraud Unit, PSFU, Ikoyi, Lagos during the trial spanning five years.    

A third defendant, Friday Attah was lucky as Botoku discharged and acquitted him for want of evidence. The sentence of the duo is to run run con currently. The trio were charged on a three-count of forgery and stealing. Police counsel, ASP Wewe Adegbayi had told the court in charge No D/07/2015 that in February, 2015 officials at the US Embassy in Lagos represented by the Regional security officer.

Christopher Cicoria petitioned the Commissioner of Police, in charge of the Police Special Fraud Unit, PSU, Ikoyi, Lagos that they had apprehended visa agents, Adefila Islamila Adekunle and Busari Kabiru who defrauded the US Embassy of the sum of N50 million with fake visa payment receipts for B1 and B2 Visa categories for 350 fresh applicants. Adegbayi said that following the report, the police swung into action and arrested the suspect, Adekunle at the Embassy and that during investigation, Adekunle allegedly confessed to the crime and said that they used one original visa payment receipt of one his customer seeking for B1 and B2 Visa categories at the Embassy for other 350 fresh applicants before he was arrested.

Adekunle allegedly stated, “I conspired with Busari Kabiru and Friday Attah to defraud the US Embassy by using one original Visa payment receipts for 350 fresh applicants and converted the money they paid for the visa payment receipt to our use.  

“After we paid the normal fee for customers, seeking for B1 and B2 visa categories, we would used the visa payment receipts issued by the embassy for other 350 fresh applicants by using computer to erase the name on the original receipt and replacing it with another name and submitted them to the embassy officials.”


Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s son dies of heart attack at 25

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Abdallah Morsi, the youngest son of late former President of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi, died of heart attack on Wednesday night in Cairo, the country’s capital. 

The 25-year-old suffered a fatal cardiac arrest while driving as confirmed by his lawyer, Abdel Moneim Abdel Maqsoud. 

“A friend who was with him was able to stop the car and take him to hospital”,  Abdel told AFP, adding that Abdallah Morsi’s funeral was set to take place on Thursday.

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi

Though Egypt’s health ministry is yet to comment on his death, a family source however told Anadolu Agency that Abdallah died at Oasis hospital in Giza in the southwest of the capital city where he was rushed to. 

The father of the deceased was Egypt’s first democratically elected president, his administration was known to be loyal to the now banned Muslim Brotherhood. He was deposed by the military in 2013 and died in court on June 17, 2019.


Seven students charged in a juvenile court for spiking their teacher’s food with urine and semen

Seven students charged in a juvenile court for spiking their teacher

Seven middle school students from Ohio, United States have been charged in a juvenile court with serving their teachers crepes tainted with urine and semen.  

Delaware County prosecutors filed the criminal counts on Tuesday, September 3rd against six 14-year-olds and one 15-year-old attending eighth grade at Olentangy Hyatts Middle School following a four-month investigation into the stomach-turning allegations.  

The incident took place in May, when the students prepared food as part of an end-of-the-year cooking competition where their teachers acted as judges.

‘One student filmed some of it, and the video made its way around the school and fortunately to school administrators,’ said Tracy Whited, Delaware County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman. The video allegedly showed the suspects’ bodily fluids being added to the meals.  

The sickening footage was not uncovered until after the contaminated meals were consumed by two unsuspecting teachers: a 24-year-old woman and a 49-year-old man. One student was charged with felony assault for allegedly bringing his semen to school and pouring it onto a meal that was then served to a teacher.

According to court documents, the teen planned the foul stunt days earlier with his classmates. All the other six students face various charges.  

Olentangy Local School District said ‘we are saddened that these charges are a result of actions that took place at one of our schools. Our teachers deserve respect and kindness, and anything less than that is completely unacceptable. We will continue to support law enforcement in every way possible.’  

The students’ defense attorney, Brad Koffel, told The Columbus Dispatch that his clients come from ‘very good families,’ and blamed their antics on social media culture and the teenagers’ desire to gain notoriety through ‘clicks’ on YouTube. The lawyer said the teens have expressed remorse for their actions and have been reprimanded at home for what he characterized as the boys ‘dumb actions.’


US woman caught hiding week-old baby in flight bag in Philippines

US woman caught hiding week-old baby in flight bag in Philippines

A 43-year-old US woman identified as Jennifer Talbot was arrested by immigration officials in Philippines on Wednesday September 4, while attempting to smuggle a 6-day-old baby out of the country in a carry-on bag. 

She was reportedly nabbed after a staff from Delta Airlines alerted airport police shortly after she checked in. 

US woman caught hiding week-old baby in flight bag in Philippines

The American woman was grilled by police on the identity of the infant and how she came to have him after officers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila discovered the child inside “an oversized belt bag” around her waist. 

“The infant was hidden in the oversized belt bag, and she did not declare nor present him to the immigration inspector.

“The suspect was not able to provide any documents showing she had the authority to take the baby onboard the plane” Melvin Mabulac, a spokesman for the Bureau of Immigration said. 

US woman caught hiding week-old baby in flight bag in Philippines

Confirming the arrest of the suspect, Grifton Medina, Head of the Bureau of Immigration’s Port Operations Division said she claimed she was the baby’s aunt.

“She said she was bringing the baby to the U.S. to get vaccinations and participate in some religious rites,’’ he told Manila radio station DZBB.

While Talbot who was formerly held by the Bureau of Immigration has been turned over to the National Bureau of Investigation for more questioning, medics are now carrying out checks to confirm the nationality and exact age of baby said to be in good health. 


Man to be freed from prison after spending 36 years for stealing $50

Man to be freed from prison after spending 36 years for stealing $50

A man is due to be freed from prison after spending 36 years in jail for stealing $50.

Alvin Kennard was sentenced to life without parole under an old Alabama “three strikes” law.

Kennard was first charged with two counts of burglary first degree and grand larceny and received a three year suspended sentence in 1979. Four years later he was charged and convicted of robbery in the first degree after robbing a bakery of $50.

Since then, the 58-year-old has remained in jail on a life sentence under the Habitual Felony Offender Act.

Man to be freed from prison after spending 36 years for stealing $50

Now, a judge has heard his plea to be released at a court hearing in Jefferson County. The court head Kennard, who has spent most of his adult life at the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, was ready to take responsibility for his past actions.

According to WBRC, Kennard said: “I’m sorry for what I did… I was wrong. I take responsibility for what I did in the past. I want the opportunity to get it right.”

Judge Carpenter is now said to be filing paperwork to the Department of Corrections ready for his release.


Shocking footage shows moment woman was forced to give birth alone in jail cell while guards ignored her

Shocking footage shows moment woman was forced to give birth alone in jail cell while guards ignored her

CCTV footage shows the moment a woman was forced to give birth in a prison cell by herself “while prison guards ignored her”.

Diana Sanchez, 26, is seen writhing in agony and screaming as she lay on her back “on a cold hard bench, feet away from a toilet” as she pushed.

She had been locked up in a Denver County jail two weeks before on identity-theft related charges. She then went into labour on July 31, 2018, and gave birth unaided.

Shocking footage shows moment woman was forced to give birth alone in jail cell while guards ignored her

Six hours before she gave birth to her son Jordan, Sanchez claimed she told guards that she was going into labour. She alleged in a legal complaint that she told prison deputies and nurses “at least eight times” that she was experiencing contractions.

Shocking footage shows moment woman was forced to give birth alone in jail cell while guards ignored her

But the prison officials ignored her and she was left screaming in agony for hours without any anesthesia.

It was only after she gave birth that a male nurse, who was allegedly standing outside the cell watching in, is seen walking in to pick up the newborn son.

Shocking footage shows moment woman was forced to give birth alone in jail cell while guards ignored her

Mari Newman, Sanchez’s lawyer, told KDVR: “(He) picks up the baby as though he’s never seen one in his life. I mean, the lack of any sort of compassion is astounding.”

Sanchez claimed that is was only after she gave birth that an ambulance was called for her.

Speaking days after the birth Sanchez said: “That pain, it’s just, it’s indescribable. What hurts me more is the fact that nobody cared.”

Shocking footage shows moment woman was forced to give birth alone in jail cell while guards ignored her

On Wednesday lawyers filed a lawsuit claiming prison staff were aware Sanchez was giving birth and decided not to take her to hospital because it was “inconvenient”.

A Denver Sheriff’s Department spokesperson told BBC that Denver Health Medical provides “comprehensive medical care at both of our jails” and that professionals are “housed in the jail facilities and have dedicated medical units” to provide care.

The statement said: “We empathise with anyone who is in jail while pregnant, including Ms Sanchez.

“Ms Sanchez was in the medical unit and under the care of Denver health medical professionals at the time she gave birth.”

They said the department had changed its policies to ensure pregnant inmates are immediately transported to hospital.

Watch the video below.