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Author Jacqueline Wilson comes out as gay at 74, reveals she’s been living with her partner Trish for 18 years

Author Jacqueline Wilson comes out as gay at 74, reveals she

Jacqueline Wilson has publicly come out as gay at the age of 74. 

The bestselling and Iconic children’s author made the announcement in an interview with The Guardian and said she decided to go public ahead of releasing Love Frankie, her new gay love story.

Author Jacqueline Wilson comes out as gay at 74, reveals she

The English writer also opened up on her 18-year relationship with her partner Trish, who she met at a party after the dissolution of her marriage to police officer William Millar Wilson. Jacqueline and William were married from 1965 to 2004. 

Speaking to the publication, she said: ‘I’ve never really been in any kind of closet. It would be such old news for anybody that has ever known anything much about me. Even the vaguest acquaintance knows perfectly well that we are a couple’. 

Explaining that her mother was ‘appalled’ at her relationship, she said: ‘That wasn’t too devastating for me because my mum cordially hated my ex-husband; she didn’t really approve of any of my friends.’

Her new book, Love Frankie which is set to be published, features a love story between two girls, as well as tackling issues including separation, bullying, and sibling rivalry.

Wilson says she wanted to write: “a truthful, honest book about a girl falling in love with another girl. It’s certainly not aimed at young gay teenagers, it’s aimed at all teenagers who have ever worried because they haven’t fallen in love, or they have fallen in love.”

Wilson added that she doesn’t see herself as a mentor for teens struggling to come to terms with their sexuality. “I don’t think that girls would ever want a grey-haired, wrinkly writer as a role model if they were wanting to feel good about maybe being gay,” she said. “I’m sure they could find much more glamorous examples.”

Jacqueline Wilson is best known for her popular children’s books, including The Story Of Tracey Beaker, Double Act, and The Illustrated Mum. Back in 2014, she was honoured with the Hans Christian Andersen Award for her lifetime contribution as a children’s writer.

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‘You are a wonderful & compassionate human being’ – Actress Adesua Etomi celebrates husband, Banky W on his birthday today

Singer/actor, Banky W, is a year older today and his wife, Adesua Etomi-Wellington took to social media to celebrate him with loving words.

In a post shared on Twitter, Adesua wrote: ‘It’s my babys birthday. @BankyW  I am soooo blessed to have u in my life. U are a wonderful & compassionate human being, a hardworking man, an amazing husband and a wonderful friend. Eyes haven’t seen & ears haven’t heard, that which the lord has in store for u. Love u SCATTER.’

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Actress Debi Mazar tests positive for coronavirus, shares her symptoms

Actress Debi Mazar tests positive for coronavirus, shares her symptoms

American actress, Debi Mazar took to Instagram to announce that she tested positive for coronavirus. 

The 55-year-old actress who is best known for her roles in “Goodfellas,” “Entourage” and “Younger”, revealed that her husband and two daughters felt the symptoms first, about a month ago.

Mazar said she thought she might have either the flu or Covid-19 and asked a “doctor/friend” if she could get tested for the latter. She was told no because she didn’t meet the criteria, including not having traveled lately or been with someone who had recently been diagnosed.

After a test was conducted on March 17, she was sent home and told to quarantine herself until the result are out. The medical test however came out positive. 

She wrote; 

I have just tested positive for Covid-19.I AM OK!
About a month ago my entire home(husband and two teen daughters) got an odd bug-Low grade fever,headaches,sore throat,body aches,ears ringing and a dry cough.It cleared up quickly.Seasonal I thought?but it felt unusual/different…

Two weeks later,March 15th,I woke up with all those same symptoms but super intense body aches,and 102.4 fever.I figured maybe I got the flu or..Corona?

I had had cocktails the evening prior,and smoked a few cigarettes.
I figured I had jacked my immune system from having a fun night with friends.I called a doctor/friend to ask if I could get the Covid-19 test on 3/16.He said NO,I didn’t meet the criteria.I hadn’t recently traveled out of the country&I hadnt been with someone who had actually tested positive.I found this kind of a CRAZY criteria for a NY’er as I had taken the subway,gone to the theater,the grocery store,the pharmacy,hair salon,etc.I was the Mom who was trying to prepare the home and get supplies&bleach wipes,dry goods.extra food etc.

Because we have Italian family in Italy and we follow the news closely,my biggest panic was why were they not closing schools in NYC &forbidding movement outside the home without permission,like China and all of Europe?

Prospect Park yesterday,i hear was jumpin’!
A friend told me that CityMD/Urgent Care in my neighborhood had test kits,which appealed to me as I wanted to stay away from the hospital.
I went on 3/17.First I was tested for the flu-which was negative.Then they tested me for Covid-19.

I was sent home and told to quarantine myself until I had results,which would take 3-7 days(in S.Korea it takes two hours) is day 5 and I just found out.Im hoping I’ve been through the worst of it already.Its very “morphy”.One day I feel crappy and the next I’m normal.Today my lungs are heavy,but I’m tough.

I can breath,and I’m going to heal here,in my own home!My family is under quarantine for 14 days.They have no symptoms.I think we all had it possibly already?Who knows.

Anyhow,stay home people!Protect yourselves&your loved ones.Build up your immune systems.Good Luck&God Bless us all!

Actress Debi Mazar tests positive for coronavirus, shares her symptoms
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Eniola Badmus Attacks Toyin Abraham And Other Weight Loss Product Manufacturers

Actress Eniola Badmus has called out her fellow actress and C.E.O of ‘curveslimmingtea’, Toyin Abraham and other manufacturers of weight loss products.The plus-sized actress took to social media with what appears to be a call-out on those advertising weight loss products while using slim girls as models.According to Eniola Badmus, if those behind such products really believe that their products are effective as they advertise them, then they should use her as an experiment to prove their claim.We truly hope Toyin Abraham gets the memo!Eniola Badmus recently opened up on the struggle she faced being a plus-sized lady.

“When I started, I was rejected a lot and people attributed it to my body size; they were wondering what I had to offer. But I was focused and steadfast with what I was doing because I have a very high spirit. I was focused and that’s why I am excelling. No matter what comes my way, I don’t even think about it. I only think about fresh ideas because when you begin to take things personally, you get distracted. I was trained to be a hero with a lion heart; I am brave at heart. A good man will not want to let me go because I am a very hard working woman and I believe in making money,” she said.

See The Post Below:

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Regina Daniels Mum spotted Dancing after seeing Daughter heavily pregnant by Elizabeth Bio 1 day ago

Rita Daniels, Mother of Regina Daniels is a strong woman who single handledly raised six children by herself. In a video sighted on her Instagram page, she is seen dancing in the company of her daughter as she cheers her on.Today 22nd of February 2020 seem to be an exciting day for them as Regina Daniels is set to launch her new Magazine.

Rita Daniels shared the video with the caption

Do not look down on your self. Don’t be desperate Have confidenceHave self respectBelieve in your self worthBe determinedBe focusBelieve in your Almighty God (Have Faith in him)Cut your coat according to your size.Limit too much friendsBe content with what you have.Be hardworking.Be Confident of your inner strength.Do not be a pest on people.Learn to fish and not to be giving fish.Do not always look for soft landing.Don’t be envious.Do not fight nor judge what you don’t know.Always channel your problems to God not to Man.Be an observer.Be a good listenerBe prudentTalk less but more of actions.Be your Ward/child/ children’s bestiesBe a parent to all not only to your biological child/ Children .Always think positively.Gossip your problems more than you Gossip others.Be a giver in your own little ways.Above all, love everyone as you love your very self….. RITA DANIELS SAYS SO!!!!.

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Regina Daniels Buys Cherry, Mango For Her Stepkids, Shows She Will Be A Good Mother

Regina Daniels who is heavily pregnant has made moves to learn how to be a good mother by caring for her step kids.She has been sighted buying cherry and mangoes along the street with her step kids.The actress shared the video of herself and stepkids buy the mangoes to tell fans that she has learnt to love them like her own and the love she has for them will be extended to her unborn baby.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that the teen actress is four months pregnant and she will be launching her magazine on the 22nd February 2020.WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:

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WATCH – Ned Nwoko Gives His Wife, Regina Daniels Some Snooker Tutorials

Ned Nwoko is one man who likes to shower his ladies with so much love that it would be hard for someone to even snatch them.We say so because of the love he has given to his lovely wives, especially his younger wife, Regina Daniels.

Ned Nwoko and Regina Daniels seem to be the best lovers in the world presently as they have given us so many reasons to conclude that indeed they are the BEST.In a video we have in our possession, Ned Nwoko is seen giving Regina Daniels some snooker tutorials.Regina Daniels actually posted the video on her Instastories with the caption;“This my teacher is so strict…”

Watch the video below;

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Ned Nwoko teaches Regina Daniels how to play snooker

A post shared by GH Gossip (@ghgossipdotcom) on

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Meet My Lover– Regina Daniels’ Mum Says As She Posts New Picture With Her Son

Popular actress Regina Daniels’ mother, Rita Daniels, has gushed about her son, Sammy West, on social media.The actress took to her Instagram page to share photos of herself and her son.In the photos shared on Instagram, the actress’ mother looked beautiful and happy as she posed for shots with her son.

Rita was seen rocking a white top paired with black jeans.Sammy West was seen rocking a red t-shirt and black pants paired with pants.The woman shared the photos on her Instagram page to celebrate Sammy West.

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Uche Nnanna calls out her colleagues for not rejoicing with actress Ibiwari Etuk after she was saved from kidnappers

Uche Nnanna calls out her colleagues for not rejoicing with actress Ibiwari Etuk after she was saved from kidnappers

Actress Uche Nnanna took to Instagram to call out “Nollywood people” for not rejoicing with actress Ibiwari Etuk who was lucky to escape from the hands of kidnappers after being held hostage for 3 days.

Etuk narrated how 4 boys kidnapped her and held her hostage in a bush for 3 days  (6th, 7th and 8th of January 2020) while they waited for her ransom to be paid.

After sharing her story, very few people reacted to it and Uche Nnanna called out her colleagues for it. She said if Etuk had died, they would all put up her photo and mourn her yet they have refused to celebrate her survival.

See what she wrote below.

Uche Nnanna calls out her colleagues for not rejoicing with actress Ibiwari Etuk after she was saved from kidnappers
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Social Media User Finally Reveals Why Some People Are Not In Favour Of Regina Daniels & Ned Nwoko’s Marriage

A social media called Benwems has summed up the reason why the marriage of Ned Nwoko & his young wife Regina Daniels still annoys some people.

Here’s what she shared:

I don’t know why many people are worried about this girl’s private life. She married an old man, he would still marry another wife, blah blah…. In my opinion, most of the guys lambasting her are only pained that they cannot get her and it’s an old man who got her because they don’t have the money to woo her. For the ladies lambasting her, they are jealous of the luxury she gets from her old husband. Nevertheless, she took the path of honor by marrying the old man. She’s better than other girls that are concubines to older men and married men. Many young girls date married men and sugar daddy. At least, she’s married not a side chick. So you all should mind your business and stop drinking Panadol for another person’s headache. The irony is; when you ask a Nigerian to drink panadol for your headache they would not but when you don’t ask them that’s the time they would.