Do you still take Palm wine this are the health benefit of it

Natural Palm wine is tapped freshly from the sap of a palm tree and when gotten fresh without fermentation, it can be regarded as juice because it contains no amount of alcohol at this point. But when kept for some hours like a period of 2hours, fermentation takes place because of the natural yeasts in the air and now it contains alcohol about 5% and the taste becomes sweet and the colour will be white and it will be mildly intoxicating. 

The longer hours fermentation takes place, the more alcoholic and sour it becomes. In Nigeria, palm wine is commonly called ogogoro. Any good and well tapped Palm wine contains the following; magnesium, iron, sugar, protein, carbohydrate, yeast, bacteria and different vitamins.

Now if you are still taking or drinking palm wine, here is what you should read yo see what Palm wine Does To Your Health.

Benefits of palm wine to the health….. The following are what taking or drinking palm wine does to your health:

1. Palm wine contains Vitamin B2 which is an antioxidant, therefore, it helps yo fight against some cancer causing agents. Vitamin B2 is also known as Riboflavin 

2. Palm wine helps to maintain eyesight, this is because it contains the antioxidant Vitamin C known as ascorbic acid which can be found in some fruits also. Also, vitamin B1 helps in improving eyesight too. Vitamin B1 is the one called Thiamine

3. The antioxidant property of palm wine makes it helpful in speeding up the process of wound healing by repairing your tissues and promoting the growth of healthy cells. 

4. Due to its high antibacterial properties, palm wine is taken or consumed for treatment of food borne disease and diarrhoea diseases.

5. It can be used to treat skin rashes by applying it on the skin.

Note: you should limit your intake of fermented palm wine. Do not take it in excess because fermented palm wine contains high amount of alcohol and can be intoxicating. So it can be bad for your health when taken in excess because we also know that drinking alcohol in excess destroys important organs in the body so does palm wine. So drink with caution. Remember, health is wealth.

By Michael

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