Still Eating foods cooked from nylon like moi moi? Wait and read this.

Eating Foods Cooked With Nylon Like Moi Moi? Wait And Read This. Very Important 

Health they say is wealth. Anybody who is healthy is wealthy. There are people who are wealthy but they are not healthy. So if you are healthy and you are still buying foods cooked with nylon please hold on a bit and see the danger that you are causing to yourself.

So many of us are fond of eating meals cooked with nylon without knowing the health implications of doing this. This is common among people who are not married and little children. The former category mentioned will always complain that they don’t have much time to sit and gently prepare their own food then they resort to buying and eating food that are cooked with nylon. And for the latter, they are said to be young, innocent and ignorant of the health implication of what they are doing. Examples of food cooked from nylon which they buy and eat are Moi Moi, the locally made food eaten by the igbos called okpa, agidi which the yorubas call ekor etc. There are also people who are married that also make this same mistake, they use nylon in preparing most of these foods for the family. 

Food cooked with nylon is very dangerous to the body because nylon itself is made from a chemical called hexamethylene diamine resulting from the reaction of dicarboxylic acid. This chemical is been transferred from the nylon into the food the moment it becomes hot inside the pot. You may not know the chemistry behind this but it is said that in every action, there is equal and opposite reaction to it. 

It is advised that you stop cooking with nylon because it is also major cause of most cancer cases we have around us and it also causes other health problems like making us fall sick all the time and suffering from typhoid fever. Instead, the use of leaves for cooking such foods is advised and healthier.

I believe a word is enough for the wise. Let’s eat right and stay health. 

By Michael

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