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Power Couple Davido And Chioma Announces Their New Code “5&6”

Nigerian power couple, Davido and Chioma has revealed their code.Sighted on Davido’s Instagram page, he shared a loved-up photo of himself and his baby mama starched to each other tight and captioned it ‘5 & 6’ with the emoji of love added to it.You will recall that 5 & 6 was a title of one of Nigerian rapper Naeto C’s songs.It appears the numbers denotes a certain meaning for lovers which Davido only understands.The words in that song could be easily relatable to the love Davido and his baby mama share together.Here her some of the lyrics of the song:-Ife ni le ehhhIfe ni le i ne me Ofoma makes it hard for me to leave you (hard forMe to leave you) Cause me and you join like wer 5 and 6, 5 and 6,5 and 6. Twins on the inside my betterHalf the best i ever i had when im with her badWhat i like she likes and dislikes aLittle sometimes alot but we bind like 5 sicklesWhat i hate she hates or at least shePretends to thats my lover my confident and friend tooThe dotted line im about to put the pen toWith you by my side their’s nothing that i can’t doI told the other girls i used to date dont even holler

Cause if my Mrs. gets to know i will be surely slaughteredTake anything you want from me i am not evenBothered . . i just wanna let the whole world know Ife ni le i ne me Ofoma makes it hard for me…See the screenshot below;

By Michael

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