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South Africa-based Nigerian singer, TKinzy returns to music

South Africa-based Nigerian singer, TKinzy returns to music

Gallo Records – South Africa former signee and actor and model, TKinzy has returned to music. Kicking off a new era, Anthony Felix, popularly known as TKinzy has collaborated with artists like “Rands and Naira” crooner “Emmy Gee“.

“Shake Ikebe” is one of his hit songs. In this exclusive chat, he talks about his long absence and his return to the global scene. Q: Can you tell me when, how and why you decided to become a musician? I started singing at the age of 9 in a Catholic choir. It’s a thing in the family and I decided to be a professional singer in 2012. Q: Are there any special influences from your geneology that led you into the arts? Yes, I was told my mother was a great singer. So I literally took the voice from her. So it runs in the family. Q: Can you tell me what you are working on now? I am currently working on new songs. When the songs are ready, I will be working on few music videos and also I have had the opportunity to be featured in a movie directed by my cousin, Onyeka Nwelue.  

South Africa-based Nigerian singer, TKinzy returns to music

  Q: What other African musicians do you look for inspiration? Well, I have always looked at the legendary Lucky Dube. I also get some inspiration from P-Square as I have always followed up with their music since I was a kid. Q: You have created music in the past with people like Emmy Gee. Could you tell us how you guys met? Emmygee has been a friend since 2014. I was with him when he rose to fame with his hit single Rands and Nairas. I remember presenting a beat to him and he liked it. And we made a great song out of it. Song was produced by Ruff and Co produced by Emtee. Also have had hit songs with people like Ntando and AB Crazy. Both South African musicians. Q: Can you talk about people that inspire you that you have met and how it felt? I have met people like Zahara, P-Square, Late Robbie Malinga, Kelly Khumalo, Davido, Etc. The list goes on and on. And I know these are great artistes that I have learnt one or two things from. Q: As an artist, there is a notion that artists feel lonely? What is your take on this? Well, I am very much artistic. I read and research a lot. I always engage myself with something so I don’t really get lonely.  

South Africa-based Nigerian singer, TKinzy returns to music

  Q: You will be shooting new videos in South Africa and in other parts of the world soon? Are you excited? What are your expectations? Yes. I am quite excited about bringing out new projects and letting the world know I am still very much around. I took a huge break from music after I left Gallo records. Now I am back to do what I love doing best. Q: What do you want people to take from your works? I am very versatile when it comes to music. I sing about love, realities of life and also about hustle and the struggle that comes with growing. I would want people to listen to every song of mine. There’s a message attached to each music I release.  

South Africa-based Nigerian singer, TKinzy returns to music

  Q: Can you speak about previous projects you have done in the past and how you feel this particular song, Shake Ikebe is different? And what are your plans? I have done whole lots of projects that some were never released due to things that can happen between an artiste and record labels. Shake Ikebe was a great song. And still it is. I had a collaboration with Ntando Bangani. One of SA biggest acts.. And currently I am working on great songs. I honestly can’t wait for everyone to hear my new records. Trust me. They are on fire.  Instagram: @Anthonyfelix10Twitter: @A_felix10

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