Ruggedman Receives Accolades from Social Media Fans Over His #FvckYouChallenge Cover

ruggedman fvckuchallenge

Veteran Nigerian rapper, Michael Ugochukwu Stephens, simply known and addressed as ”Ruggedman” dropped his own version of the now-viral fvckuchallenge which was initiated by flyboy record singer, Kizz Daniels, yesterday.

Nigerians while reacting to the new fvckuchallenge cover from the legendary rapper have been full of praises for him.


Skrrrrrrrrr!!!! Swear to God, if ruggedman makes a comeback now, he’d blow most of our rappers straight out of the water

— Pre Malone🇳🇬 (@_Pre_Malone_) April 9, 2019

Hahahaa Ruggedman killed this one! nice delivery!! he hasnt lost it sha!!

— Grandpa Frank (@maniac8989) April 9, 2019

Back in the days, Ruggedman was one of the last persons you should diss in the Nigerian industry.

— Udoye Springs_Pixel™ (@springs_pixel) April 9, 2019

The best I have seen, the only one that matters. I miss Ruggedman😭😭

— ÌyáSola’sDaughter❤️ (@olusola__) April 9, 2019

By Michael

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